Introducing Yo Stories

Today we are proud to announce our newest innovation. After a week long design sprint we finally came up with the perfect name for it. We are calling it: Yo Stories.

Yo Stories are the best way to share your day. Your friends can see what you’re up to without having to swipe through scribbled selfies.

A Yo Story is based on context rather than content. A Yo Story is a series of Yos that you add to your Story where each Yo contains nothing but a timestamp. That’s it! It’s that simple.

“The best thing about Yo Stories is that they have absolutely no content.” — Amy

Yo Stories are the only kind where only your true friends really know what you’ve been up to.

Yo Stories are currently being tested in Orlanta, Atlantis, Elbonia, Caledonia and Arendelle and will soon be released to the rest of the world.