Yo, Mid-Term Elections

USA TODAY — Yo for Results

The smart people over at USA TODAY leveraged the Yo platform to offer an innovative and engaging way of interacting with their readers on election night.

Users who Yo’d YOGOP and YODEMS received real-time elections results as each Senate race was called . This Yo service enabled politics enthusiasts to stay in the loop without having to constantly refresh their other news streams for the results. Using Yo Links, they were able to send rich and interactive content about each race directly to their subscriber’s smartphones.

Rock the Vote — Turn down for Yo!

We’re proud and excited to be working with Rock the Vote. The organisation’s mission is to engage and build political power for young people in the USA. They are using Yo to launch awesome competitions alongside Yo’ing links to content such as voter registration information.

The Yo platform enables Rock the Vote to engage directly with the youth vote on their smartphones on election day. Rather than BLASTING out messages across noisy social networks and hoping their campaign has worked, they can Yo creative content directly to subscriber’s pockets and purses to inspire that final push to the ballot box.

Yo ROCKTHEVOTE now for a chance to win free tickets, hotel and airfare to a Lil Jon concert.

The Future of ElectYOns

We believe these creative uses of Yo only scratch the surface of what could be possible for campaigns. The Yo platform could be used for both internal and external communication.

Internally, Yo could be used to push important content directly to volunteers. The simplicity of the Yo dashboard means that campaign managers can seamlessly Yo links to vital information to staff on the ground when real-time reaction is required.

Externally, campaigns could Yo every time $1m dollars is saved by the candidate’s new legislation or use Yo as a voting mechanism. This would work by getting users to Yo a username to demonstrate support for a cause.

The platform presents a unique opportunity to engage with an electorate directly on their mobile devices and could transform the way we communicate with campaigns.

Yo. It’s that simple.

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