Yo - where you at?

The new Yo release for iOS and Android comes with 2 major features that will totally change how Yo is used both as a platform and as an app.

Yo Location — You can now opt-in to Yo your location by double tapping a friend or a service. Your Yo with Location will appear on the lock screen as: “@ Yo from LEO”, indicating that the Yo has a location attached.

You can also Yo your location to Yo API services to allow them to send you Yo’s based on your location.

This once again opens up the Yo platform to so many possibilities. All in just a (double) tap of a finger. Seamless. Frictionless. It’s that simple.

Try it for yourself:

Yo your location to STARBUCKSMAP to get the closest Starbucks.
Yo your location to YOSANTAME to see how close Santa Claus is to your chimney.
Yo your location to RAINHOUR to get alerted if you’ll need to carry an umbrella in the next hour.
Yo your location to YOBARME to find the best bar in your area. Take a look at the source code to see how it all works.

Developers can surprise us again with their creativity, by creating useful and amazing Yo services that will get featured on the Yo Index.

iOS 8 and Android users can now Yo back from the lock-screen or the notification itself, without having to open the app. Need we say more?

Yo. It’s that simple.

For the purposes of full transparency, we want to make clear that the new location feature is strictly opt-in. We do not store your location or share any personal information with third parties under any circumstance.

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