Your Night Out as Told by Yo’s

Shameless flirting and general debauchery in Yo form

10:00pm — Yo your “Drinks?” group.

10:02pm- Yo. Yo. Yo. Yo. They’re in.

11:27pm — you Yo your location to that one friend who is staying in with Netflix

12:33am — Yo, I’m a little bit a lot drunky, so here’s a selfie

2:07am — Yo, where are you guys???

2:08am — Yo, here’s my location…oh! There you are!

2:19am — Yo, pizza time?

Because you know late night is the real reason you went out.

2:32am — Yo, I’m going home

A strategic Yo to that special someone

2:34am — Yo, okay, I mean it, last chance, or I’m going to sleep

11:42am Yo, I see your text but I have no will to respond

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