Brow : A software to call…strangers ?!

I have always wondered why Chatroulette had not met the success that one could imagine. In fact, I think there are two reasons.
To illustrate the first , simply go to Chatroulette for 5 minutes. This is the time it takes on average to find themselves in front of… a penis . Not cool !

In fact the advantage of Chatroulette is also its disadvantage : Video . And the nature of Chatroulette makes it uncontrollable.

I think the second reason is that many people are still attached to anonymity. The majority of people is not ready to appear openly in front of strangers .

But the video is what makes this cool side , that spontaneity that exists between users .

Airtime: another concept of chatroulette

But if the video chat offers too much freedom, text chat does not offer enough.

There is no such feeling of being in front of a real person , we do not feel enough emotion , this lack of spontaneity .

Example with Meochat app on iOS.

The conclusion is this: the video is too much, and the text not enough. In noting this, i then asked a question. Is there a happy medium ?

I then had an idea.

Why not concentrate on voice ?

It is true , imagine that we can be on the phone with perfect strangers open to discussion and sharing. It would be really cool , especially since there would be no need to know face, neither the name nor anything else. The voice alone is enough to create a strong bond between two people who have never seen .

This is where began the projet brow !

Brow is a very simple idea. It is a random chat software based solely on the voice. No complexity , no complicated algorithm towards exchange , no need for registration.
Here we only need a call button and chance will do the rest .

Say like that, it may seem simplistic. But this is minimize the power of the voice in human relations.

Communicate by voice is sharing a part of ourselves, without the risk of being judged on our physical , our appearance.

It is a way to remain ourselves and to be judged only on our words, our aptidute to forge social relationships.

Why brow ?

First because it's cool. Brow is my way of writing " bro " which is a shortening for " brother" . It is a word widely used in American slang such as when one says " What's up bro ? ". And that 's what has to represent my software .
It is this spontaneous hand, this familiarity that develops between people who do not know, who are not seen , but which share a moment of their lives together.

The progress:

For now I'm about to launch an alpha version on Windows.

ciao, my bro(w) !


  • Countries: France, England, USA
  • Phone quality
  • As simple as saying “Hello”