The idea of Truth and its implications | Stream of Consciousness #1

I was randomly browsing through Facebook and came across one of those images which said:

“Society has become so fake that the truth actually bothers people”

I do agree for the most part, our Society is vain and fake in many ways (and I do not think it is a new thing, with our technology, information spreads at c). However, a thought came to mind whilst I read this;
What is Truth? Some will say it is one thing and others will say it’s another, each with their own sets of arguments or/and facts.

Who defines the Truth, though? 
And, why is it the Truth?

Maybe the problem does not lie inherently in one thing being fake or not, instead We should understand who defined it and the reasons why something is true or not.
Ultimately, We complain too much and do too little, We think too much and our acts stay the same.

Does it all boils down to Fear?

Is Fear the reason why we keep doing the same mistakes over and over? Because We are afraid of some retaliations which Life will come up with?

Our fight or flight response strikes again, and We tend to run back to our little box or fight the wrong things at the wrong time.

Maybe it is time to rethink how We cope with our Fears and actually do something about it, and push others to do something too.

Fear is the real limit and we should learn to use it as our driving force to keep bettering ourselves.

I thought it would be fun to write streams of consciousness since it helps in understanding (maybe) what is going on in this mind of mine, they won’t have necessarily a message or anything, these are just thoughts, so bear with me.

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