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Update: didn’t imagine this would go trending on Reddit and Medium (front pages of respective sections) so, thanks for reading and sharing.

“Can you help me a find the best CMO in the world?”

“I’m looking for my next role as VP Marketing. Can you connect me to a founder?”

These are some of the questions I have been asked most frequently in my startup marketing career, even though HR was never my job.

I have seen the (marketing) ins and outs of about 800 known startups that are based in New York, London and Tel Aviv, whether as…

As the software economy migrates to increasingly subscription-based, cloud-hosted, browser-delivered models, the way businesses approach their IT needs has also evolved.

Just three years ago, IT teams might have been viewed pervasive but necessary presences in all tech-enabled aspects of business life, today many startups are comfortable forgoing this investment.

The tides have turned, and many of us are now operating without dedicated in-house IT teams, or even a defined IT strategy that takes various contingencies into account.

The result is a reality where companies (and especially small startups) take a wait-and-see approach to their tech issues. …

Last week, Reuters broke the story that Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder product has previously shown traces of asbestos.

Although J&J strongly denied knowing it, stocks went into freefall, losing around 10% overnight. Finance journals are warning investors against buying the dip, given the risks of long-term reputational damage.

It’s a fair assessment given that Baby Powder is one of J&J’s flagship products, trusted by parents worldwide. Asbestos is a fibrous carcinogenic mineral and a known public health hazard. Industrial exposure to asbestos has resulted in millions developing deadly cancers, and in turn, millions of lawsuits.

The Supply Chain Transparency Problem

Another example is where…

The biggest hurdle for blockchain adoption is scalability. Mobile and desktop applications spoiled consumer expectations for performance and responsiveness. The latency of 1994 is unacceptable in 2018. The slow grind towards production-ready scalability solutions kills the pace of development and embrace of decentralized applications (Dapps).

Dapps aren’t able to sustain users. Dapps are crippled by the performance of smart contract cryptocurrency platforms like Ethereum. High gas costs, low-throughput capacity, and slow confirmation speeds are major problems facing blockchain platforms.

Despite the scalability problems at hand, there have been some noteworthy and dynamic developments over the last couple of years to…

Personal branding is growing up.

Over the past decade or so, the thrust of personal branding has been about whom you know, how many followers you can attract, and how much engagement you can garner on social media.

Influencer marketing has taken off as a result, as people with solid social followings forge careers peddling brands and products. Everyone from CEOs to interns have been cultivating their personal brands, too — not necessarily to sell anything or to get better jobs, but to grow their own online presences as influencers and connectors.

Of late, though, personal branding is going through…

Have you ever opened up an internet browser and entered the site you wanted to go to only to see that darn hourglass endlessly flipping over? We’ve all been there, and we all know how frustrating it can be. After all, who has the time to waste waiting for a page to load?

With the amount of technology available today and the increasing demand for high-quality online streaming, the internet has become extremely congested. And it doesn’t appear that we have been able to keep up.

Today, over 225,000 petabytes per month are demanded in video streaming alone. Users are…

This article is not a direct recommendation to invest, buy or trade cryptocurrencies. It’s a very dangerous market and it’s best to wait for regulation to finalize before putting your own money in.

The crypto market has been through a lot in the past 6 six months. Here, I am going to provide you with an overview of those 6 months, and where the market stands now. The crypto boom, as investors put it, started somewhere around the middle of last year.

However, the true growth in total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies started late October 2017. At that point, the…

At the start of 2018, barely a day goes by without another cryptocurrency story making the headlines.

Anyone who takes the time to delve into the blockchain technology that lies behind all the hype will realize that this is tech that’s here to stay. Whether applied to finance, security, or healthcare, the encrypted nature of blockchain technology is astonishing, and a little bit scary.

Recently, however, the technology got a little out of control and some 500,000,000 (yes, that’s half a billion…) users may have had their computer processors hijacked for cryptocurrency mining.


The new kid on the malware block…

Customer segmentation is a necessary part of the marketing strategy for any industry. Demographics like age, gender, and location provide easy wins for companies looking to personalize their marketing materials.

In the next few years, the tools that we use for segmentation will give every company a greater understanding of every customer on an individual level. These tools will quickly become the norm for any digital business looking to improve their data analysis.

Still, there are some common misunderstandings about the practice on the whole. Before diving in head-first, consider these five factors:

Customer behavior is just as important as customer details

Effective segmentation digs deeper. It utilizes customer…

Marketing as we once knew it is dead.

In the past, brands that shouted the loudest, gave the most incentives, and had the most authority in their fields won the battle. But today, we have moved to a more customer-centric era in which your brand’s value is determined by its ability to connect to your target audience, and win them over by going above and beyond to cater to all of their wants, needs, and interests.

While this may sound like a win-win for everyone, gaining favorability on a massive scale is extremely challenging. …

Yoav Vilner

"Marketer To Watch" (Forbes). Mentor at Google/Microsoft accelerators. Writer for the top 5 tech magazines in the world.

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