After all, Deserted is not Deserted.

You might have heard and followed my personal, disturbing story about how I almost couldn’t attend Encounters Film Festival with my short graduation film, Deserted, due to political decisions.

After endless emails, chats and calls with amazing people that I’ve never met before, my story hit the BBC, Jewish Chronicle, JewishNews, and more. This fact not only helped me to raise awareness about how political decisions can ruin the pureness of art, it also helped to raise awareness about dangerous political opinions overseas.
All this support has also driven me to make endless efforts to raise the required money for me to attend the festival; Under the radar, I launched an indiegogo campaign that reached its goal in 2 days only and made it possible for me to attend the festival despite all the problems.

Yaara, my main actress and me, are on our way to attend Encounters Film Festival. We have no doubt that we’re going to be treated nicely by the festival, but it will be very interesting to see the responses to our attendance, the questions that will be asked and what the outcome of attending it will be.

If you have any connections or referrals to people from the media space in England (London included) I’ll be happy to chat with them and provide them some more information about our visit and experience in England.

Thank you everyone, thanks to those of you who cared, shared, called, contributed and shouted out loud.

Deserted will not be deserted, after all.

If you’d like to attend Deserted’s screening — find more information here

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