Dear Jerk: God Bless You and Thank You! THAT JERK was not a SETBACK, he was a SetUp!

. That self center, Social Climber, People Pleaser, Status Seeker Jerk, Greedy to the bones was a Blessing!!

. That Jerk who only wanted you around because your niceness made him feel good. God Bless Him!

. That Jerk who was incapable of doing any Humanitarian work behind the Spot Light, God Bless Him!

. That Jerk who was a control freak and micromanage everything around him. God Bless Him!

. That Jerk who only wanted your body and never took the time to get to know and embrace your beautiful Soul. God Bless Him!

. That Jerk who never walk you to your car, open the doors for you, or check on you if you got home ok. God Bless Him!

God Bless that Jerk! Because of him, you can truly appreciate a GOOD MAN.

God Bless that Jerk! Now, you will be able to ALLOW a GOOD MAN who doesn’t prioritized his cellphone at dinner time FEED You.

God Bless that Jerk, who was too afraid of people seeing you together because you were not from the same Culture and Religion.

My lovely Girl; That Jerk, was a boy trying to play Major League, in a MAN’s World.

God Bless Him! because of that Jerk who never ever Set you back instead He SET YOU UP! He got you ready for a true GOOD MAN who is delighted to go everywhere with you. A true MAN does not care about cultural and religion differences.

A true men Knows what he wants and goes after it. While the jerk will spend many nights confuse and lonely.

Dear Jerk: God Bless You! and Thank You!

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