A Joyful Pause: Be gratitude

When the day comes, you will know. The words thank you will tumble from your lips, running into one another, anxious to be first in line to express this cosmic gratitude. Thankyourthankyouthankyourthankyou on repeat until the word are no longer words and are only sounds and beats thrumming and buzzing and pulsing with the same vibration of the universe.

This thrumming is an a-ha, a eureka, a recognition that you have received life as the blessing it has always been. This pulsing force of gratitude matches the line of fire up your spine from base to crown, a liquid line that connects the dots, blasting out any last remnants of separation.

Your thank you reverberates in and out, to that which is in you and that which is outside of you. Your thank you is the pulsation of the One who is without a second.

When the day comes, you won’t know why. Was it your morning reading of the ancient texts? The loving attention of the one who makes your heart skip a beat? A creative burst, bringing an aspect of soul energy into form? The gentle turning in of mediation and the sweet kiss of the part of you that is infinite? The simple pleasure of warm water or the sensual delight of your favorite soap?

It’s not for you to know. Allow yourself heart to touch the sky and your knees to bless the earth with gratitude. Breathe in and receive the bounty of this grace. Take it in so deeply that it shines from your pores and blesses everyone in your wake. Feel a fullness so complete that tears are a sweet relief.

All that’s left is to express. Write it, speak it, dance it, paint it. For you and for all of us. So when darkness falls, this thank you is the salve on your wounded knees. The balm for your broken heart. The friend who holds you during aching loneliness.

Be the gratitude. And remember this day. For now, and for then, for you, and for us.


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