What’s your superpower?

We can cultivate the energies we’d like to see more of in the world.

On Sunday afternoon, we played hooky. We played hooky from a constant worry about what the damage a President-Elect Trump could do with appointed advisers such as Bannon, Sessions, Flynn, and Pompeo. We played hooky from reading about the increase in racist and xenophobic harassment and intimidation since election day. We needed to remember our magic so we played hooky.

This well-needed break came in the form of a double feature. We started off with Dr. Strange, a film about the soul’s power to heal the mind and body. After eating lunch, we went back for round two and saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which was about how our internal gift (magic) can turn destructive if we don’t use it.

It occurred to me that a theme ran through these movies, a theme that runs through many movies in the Marvel and Harry Potter and other fantasy universes. Yes, characters have magic and/or superpowers, but the thing that propels them into victory is their run-of-the-mill human powers.

All of the good these characters do arises from an inner source. By my estimation, here are some of the ingredients you need to activate your inner superpowers:

  1. Courage and perseverance.
  2. Knowing who you are.
  3. Caring for others and looking out for people who are vulnerable (essentially, love).
  4. Practicing and honing the skills that are uniquely yours.
  5. Ability to think for yourself rather than succumbing to groupthink.
  6. Being cautiously optimistic when the moment requires it, which includes having faith when things look pretty dire.
  7. A method through which to clear your consciousness, whether it’s actually meditating or some other action that gets the mind quiet.

There is no deus ex machina. Nothing outside is coming to save us from policies and laws that could have a chilling effect on human rights. Each of us has to find the stuff within us to do what we feel is right and to do it from a place of love. This is a time not for passive love, but active love, in the form of protest, in the form of speaking up, in the form of getting involved.

For those of us who are in groups whose rights will be most impacted by the policies of the new administration, I do believe our greatest gift will be in remember our wholeness. No one outside of you can make you a victim. That happens only in your mind. Bad shit happens sometimes, and I know that up close and personally, but I have also come to understand that nothing can make you less than whole. You are less easily controlled and less reactive when you know your own worth.

It’s time to grow your own superpowers. I’d love to hear from you about what energies you think we need to cultivate in times when human rights come under fire.