The gift economy

There are three ways value can flow from one hand to another.

The first is a power game. Who has the most of it is in control and set the rules, for his own sake and advantage. With little or no concern for others. You are born to fight and struggle, win or lose..

The second is based on equal dignity and mutual respect. Its essence is “equity”. Balance is key in all transactions. There starts true humanity. Brotherhood is born.

The third is called love. It manifests as an irresistible drive to serve, support, uplift and empower life in all. Its medium is the gift. Here are the giving and the receiving the polarities of a sacred communion. Gifting is no sacrifice no more; it is expansion.

The gift economy is for a world regulated and nurtured by love. A world where abundance flows from this self-effulgent inner Source. There does the cosmic design reveal its innate perfection: who I am happens to be precisely what you need now and call for. And so are you for me. My joy supports yours. Yours supports mine. A state of effortless and perfect synergy is relished. Giving is joyful, dignifying and carefree; receiving is a blissful acknowledgement of an omnipresent love.

Receiving inspires giving and giving attracts receiving. It’s that simple, and that elegant. Abundance flows with grace and ease, and meets needs with diligence and exactness.

For you who wish to relish gift economy, I offer you the secret key:

The key is openness, to give and receive where love in you invites you to.

Yan Eperon

September 2016