Decapitating Consciousness
Robert Epstein

We have just perceived one trillionth of what is out there.Scientists, writers, and AI experts have started making a mockery of what consciousness actually is.

Scientists and AI experts are just looking at the mind/brain that can perceive appearances only, and never the essence of things; and not all appearances but only the appearances of matter. and more narrowly still; not even these appearances of matter, but only relationships between them; and these relationships are not real and independent of man, for even these are his creations, and they are not the only ones humanly possible, but simply the most convenient for his practical and perceptive needs.

They do a mistake of observing it like they are separate from it while the fact is that observer and observed are one. You cannot separate the two. Consciousness Itself is most primitive and irreducible part of reality (and humanity).

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