Friends with Benefits

Frendex allows you to lever your social network and capture that most valuable of commodities…information. As we close week four of our beta testing, we are already getting feedback of little gems of information on home service providers being exchanged among our growing group of testers. Nick got his house painted from a recommendation on the site from one of his friends. Gina was able to find a contractor for her home renovation project. All this from information placed by their friends on frendex. There is a comfort knowing that the information is not being gamed. On Frendex you know exactly who the sources of information are, and you can evaluate this better than any algo based review system — because the source of information is YOUR friends.

Certainly beats trawling through numerous anonymous reviews for a contractor where they have just as many 5 star as 1 star reviews. Or, alternatively, being bombarded by a multitude of phone calls of supposedly rated contractors in response to your project posted on certain sites.

Our site eliminates the anonymity and negatives and instead just focuses on the positives. A place where you can exchange and share information (for now on home service providers only…but we will grow that soon).

So come on and try out frendex as we go through our beta testing (a second new release with more features is coming shortly) and you will start to get all the benefits from your friends!