The Wondering Latina’s Review: FOX’s new animated sitcom ‘Bordertown’

While the new year is only a week old, it seems like 2016 has been around for a while simply because it is an election year. There are plenty of hot topics going around this election cycle, but one of the main issues on everyone’s mind is immigration.

And while the nation’s mainstream news might be turning it’s microscope on Latinos, mainstream media is still lacking in strong Latino/a leading roles (which will save to discuss another time) needless to say this is a crucial time in our country for positive Latino representation, which brings me to the point of this article: FOX’s brand new sitcom, ‘Bordertown.’

I first started hearing a lot of buzz on this show a few months back, as the adult animated sitcom was created by and produced by the hilarious duo that brought us Family Guy.

Add to that mix Lalo Alcaraz — LA’s own brilliant political cartoonist — serving as one of the shows writers and a consulting producer, and the opportunity for topical humor is ripe.

The first episode premiered a few days ago and social media quickly jumped in to voice its review, some good and some bad; being that I am from the beautiful bordertown of El Paso, I immediately logged on to watch the full episode for myself.

The show takes place in a fictional town of Mexifornia and, in the first few seconds, I was hit with typical Mexican stereotypes, personified in the central character of Ernesto Gonzalez (voiced by Nicholas Gonzalez.) Right as I thought I was going to be super offended, we are introduced to Ernesto’s bigot Anglo neighbor, Bud Buckwald (voiced by Hank Azaria.)

Bud represents the quintessential antiquated-thinking old white guy. Then we have two other Latino personas: Steve, the Mexican-American border patrol agent who is clearly detached from his heritage and J.C., the Mexican-American college graduate who is proud of his heritage (which I totally relate to.)

Midway through the episode we find out that Bud’s daughter, Becky and Ernesto’s nephew J.C., are madly in love and engaged (dramatic pause) and all this happens right as the new Anti-Immigration law is passed, which leads to the accidental deportation of American-born Mexican J.C. even as as he continues to profess, “I was born here!”

The entire episode is filled with perfectly non-politically correct humor. In the end, I couldn’t be offended because I found the characters hilariously reflective of myself, friends, family, strangers; and the conversations are right out of mainstream America’s hot topics.

Wonderfully witty, done in that same back-handed satire styling as ‘The Colbert Report,’ with the Latino humor of the ‘Latino 101 Show’ mixed in. I thought it was pretty funny.

In a time where writer’s rooms for big prime time shows are scarce of Latinos on staff, this is a perfect example of supporting our voice in mainstream media.

I give it two thumbs up, definitely not for the fragile. Love it or hate it, hey at least we have a show to discuss!

*click to watch* Bordertown Full Espisode

Originally published at on January 8, 2016.