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I wrote about my 2016 experience here and I thought it was only right to go ahead and write about my 2017 experience too.


I’m really proud of some the achievements I made this year. I went back to school in January looking to finally leave the evil establishment that is called Covenant University and that I did. Thank God.

Eagle lomo

I also obeyed the clarion call and had to go for NYSC. I got posted to Zamfara. This tweet below aptly describes how I felt.

At the end though, I’m glad I got posted to Zamfara (even though I relocated back to Lagos). I had the best experience there thanks to friends (Tolu, Toni) who made camp worthwhile. You guys rock.

Tsafe Camp, Zamfara

One of my goals for 2017, was to be able to ‘earn in FX’, as they say. Thankfully, I was able to achieve this and it really helped me to become financially independent. I think 2017 was the year I fully became independent from my parents financially. It’s a really proud thing to say but at the same time, it hurts my account balance.

This past year is also the year in which I’ve made the most money even though I can’t account for most of it. I probably spent it on food, Amazon and my 8.

I’m looking forward to making better financial decisions in 2018. I made some investments in the form of crypto (Ethereum). Nothing substantial, but I’m waiting to see how that goes. I’m looking to save more with Piggybank and Cowrywise.


I started writing technical articles this year and it’s been a pretty awesome experience for me. It’s a really good feeling when a total stranger on the internet messages you to say thank you for writing a post that has really helped them in one way or another.

So far, I’ve been published on the Pusher Blog, Auth0 Blog, Sitepoint, LogRocket Blog, Prototypr, and Scotch.io. I wrote about topics ranging from design to web development. These are statistics from some of the articles I wrote in the year:

Introduction to Preact — a smaller, faster Preact alternative — a smaller, faster React alternative. 37k views, 7.1k reads

Advanced React Router concepts: recursive path, code splitting, animated transitions, and more. 9.2k views, 1.4k reads

Lazy Loading Routes in React. 8.5k views, 6.2k reads

Web Scraping With Ruby On Rails. 2.8k views, 1.1k reads

Abstract: The Design Tool We Deserve. 2.3k views, 968 reads

All in all, it was a decent year for me in terms of writing thanks to folks like Early Attoh, Olayinka Omole and Christian Nwamba who helped with editing and advice. I’m looking forward to writing more in-depth articles about web development. I’m also looking to get back into creative writing, it’s how I first got into writing in the first place before I became a mercenary for hire.

I got gingered because recently, a friend read something I’d written in the past and concluded that it’s not as cringy as I thought it was/would be, so I’m going to try doing that again this year.


I’ve had a job since 2014, while in school, and I feel like working is a huge part of who I am. It’s only right, I touch on that.

Costume day at the office

Immediately I was done with school in May, I resumed at Anakle. This is something I was excited to do because I’d always looked forward to working full time with the awesome team. I first interned with them back in February 2015 and then I also had a short stint with them in 2016.

Sadly, my journey with them ended in December.

Interning with Anakle in 2015 and working with the team really helped me start this software development journey and it’s an experience I’ll always be grateful for, as I learnt a lot from everyone.

Many thanks to Ofure and Funsho for their guidance during that period. I’m also very grateful to Muna and Editi Effiòng for the opportunity and every other thing that cannot be outlined here. Thanks, guys. I’ll never forget.

In 2018, I’ll be with the awesome folks at Flutterwave.com. The Flutterwave team is a great one filled with talented and super smart people and I’m excited at the opportunity of working with these people and building great products.

Personal Projects

Yinka and I got to work on something new this year and it was based on the work we did from Selar which was launched in 2016.

We basically built a tool that helped remote teams track time easily. I wrote about it here.

Since we released the product, we’ve had over 3,000 logs sent and it’s being used by over 100 teams with no marketing at all 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

I and the rest of the team also continued work with Selar.co. It was a pretty interesting year because I think we only just understood how big of a deal Selar is. We helped so many people sell stuff online and we recently crossed over 1k successful transactions in December and tripled our revenue.

We are looking to use feedback gotten from our customers to make it a better product in the new year. Many thanks to Douglas Kendyson for being awesome.

The twitter bot, HMADC, which I created in 2016 is still running. It tweets the exchange rate of a Dollar to a Naira. I also experimented a bit with it.

All in all, I think 2017 was a great year. A fucking awesome one at that. I’m grateful for all the experiences I had. I’m grateful for my friends because we all experienced growth in one way or another and that’s what matters in life. I’m hoping we see more growth and remain closet haters.

Thanks to Olayinka Omole for your help with software development, life, advice e.t.c. Thanks to Douglas Kendyson for pushing me to make a big decision this year and for always having my back. Thanks to Early Attoh and Dotun Jolaoso for being part of the best crew and all the advice.

I really can’t end this without thanking Tolu especially for making Zamfara worth it. You basically made camp for me and I’m happy we met. I imagine camp would have totally sucked if we didn’t meet all. Thanks!

Here’s to 2018.

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