Worklogs: Time Tracking For Remote Teams

Sometime last year, a couple of friends and I had this idea of building a product that solved a problem, which is, helping creatives and sellers get paid easily.
We got to work and started building and we promptly faced some hitches. One of them was that, we were all not at the same place so that meant we were more or less a distributed team working remotely.

This made things difficult, as we had so much work to do and features to build, but didn’t know when the work was being done and when anyone was available to work. We all had day jobs after all. So we came up with a hack/solution which was inspired by

Since all of our communication was being done on Slack, we decided it would be a great platform to notify our teammates about when we were available to work, and what we were working on. We created a #working-hours channel and invited everyone. This meant, whenever you were online and able to work, all you had to do was send a message by typing “Sign in” and stating a reason for signing in or what you’re working on.

Sign in. Working on mobile responsiveness

And when you were done/heading out, just type sign out.

Recently, Yinka sent me a message about how he had intentions on making our manual #working-hours into a full-fledged app that works with your Slack team. We discussed features and what nots and got right away to building.

After a few weeks of building, we have working and live.

Worklogs Slack

Using Worklogs is very straightforward. Once it’s been added to your Slack team and assigned to a #working-hours channel, you can log into the Worklogs dashboard and sign in and tell others what you’re working on (optional).

Worklogs Dashboard

This eliminates the whole process of manually typing in “sign in” and “sign out” all the time with just a single click.

We had so much fun building this and we hope you do too while using it.
We are in alpha release and are actively looking for feedback.

You can reach out to us (Yomi, Yinka) on Twitter for questions and comments.

JavaScript Developer. Wannabe Designer and Chief Procrastinator at and

JavaScript Developer. Wannabe Designer and Chief Procrastinator at and