London Loves

Jan 22, 2017 · 4 min read

London. January. It’s cold, dark, damp and grey, but that London buzz never goes away. If you’ve never visited, i’d thoroughly recommend it at any time of year, but in the pernicious London winter, it’s kind of special (just make sure you have Yondapp installed!).

So, Yondapp has just gone live in the App Store, and we’re at our “less-regular-than-I’d-like” team meeting, in the pub of course, in a celebratory frame of mind. Someone once said that’s why the Brits are good at inventing stuff. The weather is so lousy, that all there is to do is go to the pub, get drunk and invent stuff (think of the light bulb*, the digital computer, television, the world wide web, the hovercraft, the electric motor, the steam engine, heavy metal music**, et al). But then for some reason we don’t seem to be able to monetise these great ideas, unlike our cousins across the Atlantic, who seem to be able to turn a great idea in a multi-billion dollar industry. I refer you back to the computer. The Brits had a go with Sinclair and Acorn, vs IBM, Commodore, Apple and Atari from the US. The rest is, as they say, history.

Anyway, up to now our team consists of South Africans and Brits, so who knows, if we can persuade an American to join us, maybe we will have a true unicorn on our hands. We can dream can’t we?

So, where do we go next? “How about The Volunteer on Baker Street?… they do a great pint”….. Actually, I meant where do we go next with Yondapp, but The Volunteer does sound good. In case you didn't know, Baker Street is the home of cultural British icon Sherlock Holmes. If Yondapp can get half as much global traction as Sherlock, then we will have succeeded. Or is that just a British measure of success? Maybe an American would see success differently… a billion downloads and a billion dollar company maybe?

We’re live in the App Store. Now the work really begins. Our strategic goal is to get Yondapp (which is free to download) onto as many phones as possible. We’ve got a crowdfunding campaign to work on next, to generate some funds to roll out with an Android and Apple Watch version. We’ve bootstrapped our way so far, and the credit cards are starting to melt. We’re also planning on a mechanism whereby businesses will be able to upload their position, some cool photos, and a description of their services, which Yondappers will be able to find — “YondaBiz” if you will. Independent coffee shops, restaurants, bars, pop up shops, street food vendors — you name it. The idea would be a “social network of businesses”, for the local area around you. Businesses would have a global reach, but with a local audience. After all, what do I care if I’m sat in the London rain, and a San Francisco coffee shop is offering free wifi and free refills? However, if I can have a quick look on Yondapp and spot a really cool independant coffee shop, a few hunderd metres away, but tucked away down a side street, off the beaten track, then great. We know there are services that already offer this kind of thing, but as with the Friend Finder apps, they all use maps, which takes us back to our original value proposition — sometimes a map isn’t always the best way to navigate.

So, watch this space for our crowdfunding campaign. And if you feel like helping, your support would be very much appreciated. If you have any ideas or comments or feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us at

In the meantime, we’d like to ask you to download Yondapp, like & share our Facebook page, follow our Twitter feed, all of which can be found via

Thank you for reading, and thankyou for your support. Until next time…

//MG, Founder of Yondapp

*Joseph Swan, 1880

**Surely Ozzy Osborne / The Black Sabbath from my hometown of Birmingham, UK, can lay claim to this?

Save & Share Places on Yondapp

Edit: A few people have asked me why I called the article “London Loves”. Anyone who can remember Blur’s 1994 album “Parklife” may also remember the track 10 namesake… London Loves. It was in my head all morning whilst writing this post.

Also, links to “My Places”, on the above image:
The Station Pub
The Old Bell
The Volunteer
The Sherlock Hotel


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