Yondapp: The app development journey to date

Iconography produced for Yondapp (Illustrations: Dominic Mylroie)

As we approach the launch of the new Yondapp iPhone app, it occurred to me just how far the team has come since our first meeting in March at the German Gymnasium (which I can highly recommend) across the road from St Pancras station.

Since that evening we’ve brought a designer and app developer on board and forged on with commitment and purpose. We’ve had numerous meet-ups in pubs and bars around Shoreditch and The City — largely consisting of animated discussions about the product roadmap, killer ideas for various features and not a small number of beers. We’ve collaborated extensively, addressing issues and challenges we could never have imagined and we’re learning a whole lot about what it takes to launch a customer-facing app that looks beautiful and is super-slick. And there’s still so much more to do!

We’ve gone from a rough and ready requirements document to hand drawn sketches, user flows to interactive wireframes, template mockups to a high fidelity working prototype — all in the space of three months. The app launch is pencilled in for mid October and we cannot wait!

Sample of app user flows capturing every journey possible — we hope! (UX: Kev Healy)

Template mock-up depicting start screen (Design: Kev Healy)

Next up is the production of a video that will allow us to demo the app. From there, we’re looking to do a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds that will allow us to develop Yondapp further.

As a seasoned digi professional, this project is one of the most exciting I’ve ever worked on. That’s probably because I’m truly invested in the future of a digital product that I believe will offer real utility to people around the world. I used to be quite wary of people evangelising about startup life, but now I understand the buzz you get from throwing yourself into a project that you absolutely believe in.

Working on this is so much cooler than having a normal job. It would be nice if it pays off in the end too!

Some of the things we’ve learnt along the way so far:

  • Team — you need people who will deliver; and a collaborative environment where team members voice their opinions
  • Be decisive — when it comes to making decisions, don’t get bogged down
  • Meet regularly — nothing beats meeting up to discuss issues, challenges and ideas
  • Keep going — after the initial burst of excitement, it’s vital to maintain pace and drive
  • You’re never finished — there’s always more to do!

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter if you fancy dropping us a line.

Yondapp is a map-free social navigation tool. Who needs a map when you can simply follow an arrow on a dial? Yondapp points you in the right direction. Use it to meet up with friends at bars, festivals, sport events, the beach and more! Save and share Places with your friends so you never get lost again! Launching in October 2016.


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