Lightspeed Israel offices.

Bullish on Israel

Lightspeed has been investing in Israeli tech companies for the last 20 years, with Israeli partners (Dudu & me) on the ground since 2006. We invest in Israel out of our global fund (a new $1.2B fund), with our investments in Israeli companies meeting the same high investment bar as the companies we invest in out of Silicon Valley and around the globe.

We have been generating solid returns from Israeli companies and have a strong portfolio in the consumer, enterprise and digital health sectors. In the last four months alone we have made four investments in Israeli tech companies, ranging from a $2M lead of a $3.5M seed, to a $20M lead in a $32M growth round. And we are seeing a healthy deal pipeline with more to come.

To further solidify our focus on Israel, we have brought on board Tal Morgenstern as a third partner in Israel. Please join us in welcoming Tal to the Lightspeed team. (You can read more about Tal’s new role over here in his post: Hello Lightspeed.)

It was important for us to bring on board a mature adult (Tal) that could supervise the two youngsters (Dudu & me) running around and writing checks. ;) But in all seriousness, in our search to bring on board the next generation of Lightspeed talent in Israel, we met many people. We scheduled coffee with Tal to consult with him about peers that he knows who could be good candidates. And at the end of the meeting, when we understood there could be an opportunity to bring Tal on board, we pounced on it! (That’s what you learn as a VC…hunt for the great opportunities and go after them!). Several additional meetings with the rest of the Lightspeed team, and here we are.

Tal, in addition to being a great investor, is just an all around great guy. He will continue to expand the Lightspeed investment portfolio and brand in Israel as part of the team, and on both a personal and professional level, we are thrilled to have him on board.

Welcome aboard Tal!

Yoni & Dudu