Varieties of Anxiety
Charlie Ambler

Apparently those readers have not read the science on Mindfulness/Meditation and the use of in the treatment of both in major treatment programs for anxiety and depression. Also, the medications used to treat both anxiety and depression (i.e. Xanex, Zolof, Ativan…) have anxiety and depression as major side effects on their labels, can affect ones liver, sexual drive and function, cause urinary track issues, and do nothing to change the neurowiring and thought patterns that can be the root of both anxiety and depression. For some individuals the cause can be dietary (lack of vitamin D, or poor gut health), the major brain balancing neurotransmitters (Dopamine and GABA) are produced in the gut and none of the meds improve gut health and can deter it by inducing constipation. They also can numb the mind into a chemically induced miasma (toxic fog) and keep one from being present, feeling ones emotions, and being.

Mindfulness/Meditation have none of these side effects and can change the ineffective and dysfunctional thinking and neuropatterns that keeps one stuck in anxiety and depression.

How do I know? Because I have done the due diligence to read the research, and most importantly, I have experienced both the meds and Mindfulness/Meditation for treatment for both anxiety and depression. And I can say thank GOD I chose to ditch the meds and utilize Mindfulness and Meditation instead. Never been more alive, aware and present and free of anxiety and depression.

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