See you later, Andrew.

Andrew! I feel like I’m going to see you tomorrow. Like every other Saturday. Tell you that it’s okay to put down your toys for a minute— nobody’s going to take them. Hold your hand during worship and watch your adorable little eyes blink in slow motion...

Is it a coincidence that we got to spend some one-on-one time two weeks ago? Well I’m really glad we did! I feel like I learned more about you during those 20 minutes than I did throughout the whole year. I noticed new things about you that Saturday.

I saw anxiety in your eyes — the deep longing to be noticed and heard — but at the same time, your smile signified joy, peace, and security. Trust me, nonverbal cues speak louder than words sometimes.

Andrew. Thank you for reminding me that life here on earth is but a vapor. A mist. Fleeting and temporary.

Rest in peace. You are no longer a “kid with special needs” but a very special kid who is absolutely needed in the Kingdom of God.

Say hi to God for me and I will see you soon :)