What if you really love Indonesia, but are too ashamed to admit it because the reality is too terrible, so you whisper to your friends just to come across as not naive?
A Beginner’s Guide to Hating Indonesia
Bonni Rambatan

To me, this is one of the thoughts that resonates the loudest out of all. Great article! I truly love it. It has highlighted some of the things that we’ve taken as ‘everyday thing’ and ‘ah maklum’ mentality.

If I may, I would like to know what you think about this: what if by loving Indonesia, you are accepting it as it is — both the good and the bad.

Some statements that may sound disparaging, like our outwards mistrust towards the government, our disbelief in any new system that may benefit the country because it may soon be corrupted or closed down, but I think in some ways we have accepted it and once we know those are wrong, we can make small changed personally. Small changes that could accumulate to a strong movement, like going out on the street like you said, but motivated by love instead of hate. Because we see that our country can improve, but is blocked by debris that we feel we can move out of the way (which you have listed down in your article as well :) )

In that manner, we can also be proud of Indonesia without feeling hypocritical :) We are proud of the people who made a name out there in the international world while wearing our flag.

I’m sorry for the rant, or if I sound too naive, but I really am curious on your take on this, if you think perhaps instead of loving to hate the country, we are all actually have been loving it completely, accepting all the good and bad. That’s what love it, right? :)

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