As a Jew, Hillary Should Worry You

There is obviously a great chance that Hillary Clinton will serve as President of the United States over the next four to eight years. As such, these words may, God forbid, come back to haunt me. After all, Hillary was a senior member of an administration that arrested a film maker to help sell the story that Benghazi was only about a video. Additionally, while there have been indictments in PlameGate and BridgeGate there were no indictments against the people being reckless with classified information and then conspired to delete records in a way that would according to the FBI director “preclude complete forensic recovery.” These actions easily amount to conspiracy and obstruction, yet Hillary’s influence over the FBI is so strong that no one in her orbit faced charges that you would face had you done the same thing if the FBI was onto you.

But despite Hillary’s corrupting influence over the FBI, I will speak my mind and the chips will fall where it may.

The Rise of the Clintons

The narrative these days is that “Hillary sacrificed personal ambition for her husband’s political career.” This suggests that a failed attorney from Illinois would achieve more than being Senator of New York, Secretary of State and the nominee of the Democratic Party had she not tagged along Bill Clinton. This is an asinine suggestion. Additionally, on the campaign trail Hillary keeps mentioning the 1990's Clinton Era as a reason why she should be elected president, and it is fair to guess that Bill Clinton would be in and out of the Oval at will. Due to all this, due to the fact that Hillary is piggy backing off of Bill who indeed campaigns daily for Hillary, we need a review of Bill's own rise to power and then Hillary’s record.

As a young student in the mid-1960's, Bill Clinton was a clerk for then-Arkansas Senator William Fulbright who was a signer of the racist Southern Manifesto. Fulbright filibustered and then voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964; opposed the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and opposed the Open Housing Act of 1968 which prohibits discrimination in housing.

For decades, Clinton called Fulbright his mentor. Indeed, in 1976, a year after marrying Hillary and less than two years after Fulbright left office, 30-year-old Clinton successfully ran for a two year term as Attorney General of Arkansas. This was made possible only because of Fulbright’s pull in Arkansas politics for his beloved protégé. In 1978, Clinton ran for a two year term as Governor, but after losing re-election in 1980 and making a comeback in November 1982, his ten year tenure as Governor was kept alive by appealing to racists and bigots time and again.

In 1985, Arkansas merged Robert E. Lee Day (Lee was the general of the Confederacy) with Martin Luther King Day. This drew outrage in recent years but few noticed that Clinton was Governor of Arkansas at the time. In 1987, then-Governor Clinton signed a resolution affirming that one of the four stars in the AR flag is to commemorate the confederacy. In 1988, Ben McGee was the first African American to ever win a State House seat in a certain area in Arkansas but only after a 3-Judge panel created a new legislative district on Civil Rights grounds. Did then-Governor Clinton embrace this civil rights outcome? No. He filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States. His appeal was so baseless that SCOTUS upheld the original ruling in favor of McGee in an 8–0 decision. (The 9th Justice was away in Hospital.)

In 1989, Federal judges ruled that the 1981 redistricting of the Arkansas state legislative districts disenfranchises Blacks. Rather than just happily change the map, Governor Clinton filed an appeal but was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court in early 1991. The Supreme Court then rejected Clinton’s request for another review (petition for Certiorari), and a court ordered Arkansas to pay the legal fees for the mostly African American plaintiffs. Did Clinton happily pay it? No. Clinton tried delaying the payment by saying in court papers “there is no money currently appropriated to make such a payment.” The legal bill was a mere $198,771 in a state with a budget of a few billion dollars. The court promptly rejected the excuse and ordered Clinton to pay the bill without delay.

In 1992, after winning the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party, Clinton chose then-Senator Al Gore Junior from Tennessee. Gore Senior as a Senator voted against the landmark civil rights bills of 1964 and 1965. The later Vice President was apparently influenced by his father as in October 1991 he voted against the Supreme Court nomination of Clearance Thomas who would become the only Black Justice at the time. Of all Senators or Governors out there, Bill Clinton chose Gore Jr. likely as dog-whistle politics to the racists. Meanwhile, in the last six years as Governor, “pro-workers” Hillary was actually a board member on the Arkansas-based, anti-union Wal Mart.

It is important to note that all of the above segregationists and racists died as Democrats or are still alive as Democrats. This proves false the notion that racist Democrats of the past would be Republicans today. And just imagine the heat Donald Trump would face if his father Fred had the same record as Clinton or the record of either of the two Gore’s. In fact, some use an accusation that Fred at age 21, back in 1927, eighty nine years ago, was arrested at a KKK rally in Queens as “proof” that Donald is a dangerous racist. (The arrested Fred Trump, whoever that was, seems to have been a bystander at the rally.)

The Clinton Presidency

At any rate, Clinton came into the White House in a month that the economy added 309,000 jobs but Clinton left behind for Bush a jobs-losing economy almost fully in recession. While in office, Clinton hiked taxes on the middle class that were later cut by Bush and left in place ever since. Clinton gutted domestic spending to a level that only 57% people in poverty were on Food Stamps (SNAP) in Clinton’s last year compared to 95% people in poverty who have access to SNAP now. If not for his taxing-the-middle class, starving-the-poor polices, the U.S. would probably not have any Surpluses in the 1990's. Hillary however says she would let First Gentleman Bill run the economy. Does this include bringing back punitive tax rates on the middle class and removing millions of poor people from SNAP?

The economy in the late 1990's was underpinned by a Tech Bubble and by corporations cooking the books, as written by Dean Baker from the liberal The bubble and corporate shenanigans gave the public an illusion of great times thus driving consumer sentiments and then their spending and as a result the economy overall. Short of inheriting a boom; creating a new bubble; hoping for corporate corruption; gutting domestic spending rates for the poor and hiking tax on the middle class, what specifically of the 1990's will Hillary repeat?

Hillary’s Own Racist Politics

In 1996 Hillary said, “We also have to have an organized effort against gangs…. They are not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kinds of kids that are called super-predators. No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.” Not only is comparing Black teens to Super Predators shockingly racist, but ‘bringing to heel’ is a term used for dogs! It was only in February 2016, a mere few months ago, that Hillary expressed regrets for this comment after a young Black Lives Matter activist crashed a Hillary fundraiser of mostly White donors.

The racist politics of the Clintons matter because as Paul Krugman tweeted July 24: “We know that once racism is legitimized, anti-Semitism is right behind.” JNS reports that “during Hillary’s visit to Ramallah in 1999, Suha Arafat — wife of Yasser — openly accuses Israel of poisoning the West Bank’s water supply and land. Following those remarks, Hillary is photographed embracing Suha and kissing her on the cheek.”

In 2012, as Secretary of State Hillary said “So, look, I’m not making excuses for the missed opportunities of the Israelis, or the lack of generosity, the lack of empathy that I think goes hand-in-hand with the suspicion.” In 2014, Hillary boasted of being the “designated yeller at Israel” for president Obama. Also in 2014, Hillary declined twice to say if Israel did or did not use disproportionate force. Instead Hillary made excuses for Hamas saying they put missiles in civilian areas “part of it because Gaza is pretty small.” These actions and comments from Hillary are repugnant.

Hillary’s tendency of making excuses for violence is alive until today. When supporters of Hillary and Sanders used Brown Shirt tactics against peaceful attendees at Trump rallies — hitting them, egging them, chasing them, beating them — Hillary condemned it with a but; blaming Trump for it. This rhetoric by Hillary gave the impression to these violent thugs that they are not fully in the wrong for disrupting political rallies as the Brown Shirts did. No wonder these attacks kept on happening.

As a Jew, legitimizing such violence should worry you.

For years, I am pushing for reforms in the Justice system. A while ago I created a long Twitter hashtag #TheBestJusticeSystemInTheWorld to highlight the shortcomings of the system. On the stage at the Democratic Convention however were the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Both of their children died as a result of getting into a fight; both of their “attackers” were cleared by the Obama Justice Department. Yet their tragic end was used at Hillary’s convention as an example of how Blacks are treated by Whites in America.

Such a showing, in addition to spreading incomplete data of Cops-on-Blacks deaths, leads people to believe that their lives don’t matter. Result? People on the edge take the law into their own hand: Two NYC Cops were gunned down by someone from Baltimore and three Cops were ambushed in Louisiana by someone from Missouri who was in Dallas days after a fellow radical gunned down five Cops. Hillary’s unwillingness to separate the Martin and Brown outcomes from the Sarah Bland and Raynette Turner outcomes leads to a breakdown of law and order. As Jews we should all be frightened when there is a breakdown in civil order.

The Press and Immigration

Speaking of a breakdown of civil order, Hillary has not held a press conference in almost 250 days; showing her disdain for an entity at the gates of our democracy. Trump on the other hand is available to the press all the time except to a few outlets who act more as arms of the DNC than the press. A week before Pesach, Trump proudly met with two dozen journalists of Jewish Media and he posted a photo of it on Facebook. Meanwhile, Hillary who gave one on one interviews for news programs in the Black community mostly shuns Jewish media this election cycle. Trump on the other hand — aside from his press conference with Jewish Media — has also given one on one interviews to Jewish Media outlets.

So much for Trump trying to appeal to anti-Semites…

Trump’s original proposal to ban all Muslims even temporarily is very wrong. Trump for many years however has been steadfast in his position that the U.S. needs a sound legal immigration system. Ignoring threats from a lawless immigration system is not a virtue. It puts the lives of people in danger. But Hillary takes positions on safety issues based on polls; not principles. Consider: Hillary is now supposedly a champion of endless immigration but in a 2003 radio interview Hillary said “I am adamantly against illegal immigrants.” In September 2006, Hillary, Obama, and Biden voted for a 700 mile-long border wall with Mexico. In a written statement in November 2007 Hillary opposed Driver’s Licenses for illegal immigrants. And in June 2016, Hillary told Vox that immigrants do take jobs from Americans.

Obviously, Hillary is all over the map on this life-and-death issue trying to figure out what is popular to say rather than proposing what is right. As Jews such lack of judgment in a potential president should worry us all. Indeed, Hillary voted for the Iraq war because it was popular at the time; then opposed the Surge and called for the U.S. to leave Iraq. Trump and Mike Pence however while in favor of the original sin (going into war), supported the Surge and opposed the withdrawal. Hillary’s decisions on Iraq; Hillary’s rush into Libya and calling for Assad to step down without putting teeth to it made a mess in the Middle East, and unleashed IS threatening the safety of the Unite States, Europe and Israel.

As Jews, the outcomes of Hillary’s endeavors should worry us all.

Hillary Knows the Truth

Hillary knows she has little to show for her years of “public service.” The video at the DNC Convention in praise of Hillary pointed only to her involvement in the OBL raid as an accomplishment as Secretary of State. Hillary’s only achievement as Senator according to the video was telling Bush after 9/11 that New York needs another $20 billion and as per Hillary’s own admission in the video, Bush said right away “you got it.”

The only accomplishment the video gives Hillary as First Lady was children’s health insurance, but despite her “achievement” and despite Obamacare supposedly ending all troubles for children’s access to care, Hillary made a strong point of saying at the convention that she will fight for children’s healthcare. Well, if her and Obama’s “signature achievements” failed to deliver, why would one think that Hillary will get it right the third time?

The bottom line is Hillary too knows that she has little of substance to show for her forty years in the public arena piggy backing off of the career of a racist. As Jews living in such uneven times — times created in large part by Hillary’s action — we should all be worried what the future will hold if Hillary gets into the White House.

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