How Trump Can Restore Order Within a Week

Here are four key steps that President Trump can take to bring things under control within a week.

First, clean house! Ask for the resignations of every Obama political appointee at all major departments of the government; including in the intelligence community, the State Department and the Justice Department. (It is close to 600 people.) I tweeted early on that asking the Obama people to stay on as it was reported that day will be a disaster and a disaster it is.

Sure, the media, the Democrats and useful Republicans idiots on the hill will say that this house cleaning will grind government to a halt, but most of these departments were not around for much of the U.S. existence; certainly not at the current size yet the U.S. did not collapse without them. We will survive even if these departments and agencies slow down for a few months.

Cleaning house will reduce leaks and reduce the obstruction of Trump’s agenda. It will also deny the ability for Obama holdovers to destroy documents and evidence that may be needed in investigations as to who leaked illegally half-baked intelligence to the press. Remember: Obama’s people brazenly destroyed subpoenaed evidence in emailgate and in the IRS abuse investigation (yet the DOJ did not charge anyone for obstruction). They don’t need a chance to do it again. If the IC investigations against Flynn and Trump were legal, IC members should happily testify in front of Congress as to who authorized the investigations, when it was authorized, what tools were used and so on. Selectivity leaking information to the press seems shady.

The Second thing is to focus on communication. A competent communication team would have stressed a month ago and days before Flynn was let go that this is a non-story (note the dates):

February 14th, a day after Flynn was let go, Sean Spicer finally hammered the above point at his press conference but that was too late.

(Update: A day after Flynn left, the NYT reported that the FBI told Obama officials that no quid pro quo neither a deal on sanctions were discussed between Flynn and Kislyak, but the news was too late to help Flynn or the Admin because Flynn was already forced out

Had Flynn been kept around he would have been dumped later due to Turkey but that would have been better than dumping him in the context of a Russia Collusion.)

Trump’s communication leaders should

a) Announce a rule that any White House staffer — except for the most senior admin officials and deputy press secretaries — who speaks to the press without written/typed permission from a direct superior will be fired. No one but a selected few have any business talking to the press on or off the record.

b) Make sure that the communications team spreads facts, statistics and talking points on social media in real time rather than just tweeting useless photos. If anyone wants photos of these events, there should be a central Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account for it.

c) Make sure that every lawmaker and all hill chiefs of staff and hill communication people follow the relevant social media accounts to get White House statistics, facts and talking points that people on the hill can then share with their own following, and/or use in media interviews.

d) Make sure that lawmakers have liaisons in direct contact with the WH communications team to work on any pushback that a specific lawmaker may need on a specific issue involving the administration.

e) Make sure that the top communications people of each cabinet and cabinet-level agency or department are in direct contact with designated people on the White House communications team to coordinate press releases, media avails etc.

f) Make sure that any community-specific event or press release such as a Holocaust statement, has the guidance of people who have experience in these fields. Someone being Jewish does not translate into understanding how to avoid these pitfalls or how to coordinate a good pushback in case the media badgers you fairly or not.

g) Never release an impactful Executive Order without the communication team preparing relevant information to be distributed to the press, lawmakers and social media shortly before the EO gets signed.

All of the above should be under the guidance of a competent communications director. A press secretary does not have the time to take care of it all when he or she needs to prepare for press briefings follow ups and endless media requests.

The third area of improvement would be for Trump to bring back his none-DC loyalists. They have been loyal from the start and they are not entrenched in the weak-kneed culture of DC Republicans who repeatedly cave to media narratives and are useful idiots to Democrats. Sane people outside of DC warned from the the start that letting Flynn go now will only feed the fire of this none-story; will give media vindication and will energize Democrats to keep pushing for more.

Somehow, people in Trump’s circle did not get all this. They need to be dumped! Bringing back and bringing in non-DC loyalists will also reduce leaks. These loyalists will stand strong in the face of media attacks rather than encourage steps that will feed the media such as firing Flynn at this time.

Fourth, after president Trump cleans house at the agencies, reforms his communications apparatus and brings back his loyalists, he should make sure that the liaison office in the White House (the office that communicates with respective communities across America) is well staffed. This will give the administration a voice in communities and it will give communities a voice in the administration. Having an effective liaison team will also help reduce — and will more effectively pushback against-PR disasters such as the multiple PR challenges that the administration faced with Jewish-related issues; fairly or not.

Doing all of the above will set the Trump administration right quite fast.

Oh, and one more thing: In no way should Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuse himself from ANY investigation or appoint a special prosecutor. Obama AGs did not really recuse themselves; they did not appoint a SP and in some cases his DOJ had no investigation at all despite the multiple Obama scandals; among them:

1) The failed gun-running program Fast and Furious which led to the resignation of a U.S. Attorney.

2) The IRS abuses of Obama’s opponents by an IRS whose director visited the White House over hundred times.

3) The deletion of IRS emails, wiping servers clean and then the physical destruction of servers despite it being under congressional subpoena.

4) The cover up of a terror attack before an election by the highest people in the administration and the arrest by federal authorities of the film maker two weeks after the attack to help the cover up. He was sentenced to a year in prison.

5) State Department business being mixed with Clinton Foundation activity and in favor of entities who hired Bill Clinton; the Uranium One sale to Russian Clinton donors being the most infamous.

6) The DOJ placing stumbling blocks under the feet of U.S. Attorneys who wanted to investigate the Clinton Foundation. They were prohibited, reported the WSJ, from using subpoenas, grand juries and other tools.

7) Hillary emails subpoenaed by Congress were deleted and then wiped clean from servers in “a way to preclude forensic recovery” per the FBI’s Comey. How bad is doing such a thing? Well, two of the three impeachment charges passed by a congressional committee against Nixon were obstruction and failing to comply with a congressional subpoena. In emailgate there were both of these violations.

8) Despite the above obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence which was as a result of a conspiracy to impede an investigation, no one was charged. In fact the main five players in Hillary’s orbit had immunity from the start; a privilege never granted to all people who should have been the target of an investigation. Immunity is usually given to one person whose testimony and information is then used against the others.

9) Pressuring an Air Force General to change his Congressional testimony in regards to the now-bankrupt LightSquard; run back then by a major Dem donor.

If Democrats don’t trust the Attorney General, they can ask whatever they want from whom they want in regular congressional committees.

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