The Media. The Media. The Media.

Yes, the Media are filled with HACKS. Yes, most political journalists at Big Media are Democrats. We all know that. But here is why Republicans should blame themselves:

Clinton emails and the recollections from Benghazi families confirm that Hillary lied about the video’s role in the Benghazi attack. When confronted about it Sunday July 31, Hillary challenged the mental capacity of the Benghazi families and also made them in the wrong saying, “I don’t hold any ill feeling [against the families who] may not fully recall everything that was or wasn’t said.”

Instead of elected Republicans, their operatives and their social media feeds hammering Hillary on this all week, Republicans mostly gave Hillary a pass all week long and instead focused their fire on the feud between Khizr Kahan and Donald Trump.

Wednesday morning August 3, Carol Costello from CNN interviewed Charles Woods; a father of a Benghazi victim. Costello asked open endedly from Woods what he wanted to hear from Clinton, and then asked twice Woods if he thinks Trump should apologize to Khan. Yes. This is very bias from Costello (not asking if Hillary needs to apologize to Benghazi families and also asking from a Benghazi parent if Trump needs to apologize to Khan). But you know what Woods did? He did not agree with the premise of the question as GOPers on TV did all week on Trump and Khan; he did not say ‘yes I think Trump was inappropriate’ as Republicans did all week. Instead, Woods asked Cotello why she does not ask him if Hillary should apologize for lying to Benghazi families and for suggesting that they are liars.

Boom. This is how it’s done!

I get it. Some Republican think Trump should lose. Fine, don’t defend him but you have other elections to win and your base hates Hillary, so why not do all week in your media appearances and press statements what Woods did on live TV? Why give Hillary a pass on her Sunday interview? Why did few social media accounts from GOP officials, committees and operatives push the Woods appearance the way Dems did with Khan appearances?

Today Friday morning, Mike Pence was interviewed by Savannah Guthrie on the Today show. Guthrie asked “What does this [Khan] episode say about Trump’s heart? He went after a Gold Star family. Every Republican leader says that’s just disgraceful.” True. Guthrie would not ask what it says about Hillary’s heart to lie to parents in front of their dead children. Guthrie would not ask what it says about Hillary’s heart to suggest that the parents are liars and then also suggest that those parents have memory loss. But Guthrie can’t say “every Democratic leader says that is just disgraceful” because Dem leaders did not say it! Democrats don’t go out there giving credibility to the other side. Dems know there is no such thing “distancing yourself” from people who cary the party name because the opponents will anyway use it against them (as Democrats hammered the Bush presidency in 2012 despite the fact that Republicans at the GOP convention avoided Bush).

You can yell Media, Media, Media all you want but it is Republicans lawmakers and operatives who give fodder for the Media in ways Democrats never do. Democrats and Woods this not only did not give fodder but they flipped the table!

You can blame Trump all you want for “not being on message” or “not having a team”, but where were the GOP “messages” and “teams” not out all week hammering Hillary for her Sunday comments? I think I know where Republicans were: In a stampede to validated the Media and Dem talking points against Trump regarding Khan.

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