The Joke is on Neil Ferguson from Imperial College; Not on Sweden

Early in the Covid-19 outbreak, Neil Ferguson from Imperial College in the UK estimated that without mitigation measures, around 80% of the England population (55 million people) will get infected with Coronavirus this year, and about 1% of those infected (550,000) will die.

Fast forward to August, and deaths in England is at 41,000. Of course the claim is that the government made lockdowns and avoided a certain 550,000 death.

This claim, however, has a huge hole.

Sweden only had slowdowns; not lockdowns, but the infection rate there…

Yossi Gestetner

Job: Data-based Marketing. Side Job: Commentary on US politics/economics. Causes: Justice & OJPAC. Created the #EconomicStressIndex. Never troll a Troll, Troll

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