Toward the Next Jewish Rebellion:

This is, after all, how unhealed trauma works; we dance the same dance again and again, as if there were no other songs we could choose to dance to.

The ruling class never meant for us to disappear entirely; it meant for us to be tamed, and put at the service of the ruling class.

Yes, there is anti-Semitism on the Left. And it is a threat to me, to the movement, to all of us.

And so it occurs to me finally that of course my friends are anti-Semitic.

The Empire’s anointment of a people’s struggle has never led to freedom.

It is only now, as my mind scans the faces of the fighters and dreamers and martyrs and prophets behind me that I realize that it’s not in spite of my people that I am here, but because of them.

We must become, once again, that rebellious tribe the Romans feared.



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