Refuting Pizzagate: The Conspiracy that Wasn’t

I did read your post. The connection to Comet Pizza is the following. Jimmy Comet’s Instagram Posts (and comments) as well as the interior paintings in the restaurant he owns paint a character portrait of his choosing. They contain explicit and implicit references to pedophilia. These combined together create the justification for an official investigation.

If you think that I will accept the word from your unidentified friend as a defense in point number 24 (which specifically references the Instagram Posts), then you would make a poor defense attorney. This is a sore defense and is frankly lame.

I have seen the Instagram posts and comments. Anyone reading this who has not done so, I urge you to look for yourself. The images and comments by the username Jimmy Comet speak volumes and will arouse in you the call for an investigation.

Given that James Alefantis can define the decor of his restaurant in anyway he likes, I find cognitive consonance with the plea he makes publicly of a family friendly business and the art work in his restaurant. The artwork includes a man playing pingpong with an alien that says Shut up n’ f*** (nonsensored). Why does James’ pizza parlor have paintings of humans holding human heads in an area where supposedly children congregate? If James is presenting himself as a caring business owner of a family friendly restaurant who is wildly misunderstood, then it would go a long way if his business decor was indeed child friendly.

The public is forming opinions of him based on what he has put out there for public consumption. His Instagram account and his restaurant decor paint a vivid enough picture that have prompted citizen journalists to action. Not only for more research on James Alefantis, but John Podesta, Tony Podesta, and President Obama among others.

People get upset when they read that $65K was allegedly spent on Pizza and Hotdogs for a small group of men visiting the whitehouse. There is cognitive consonance again, because it is widely believed that food served in the whitehouse is to be supplied by the whitehouse kitchen. How many pizzas and hotdogs could $65K buy for a few good men visiting the whitehouse?

This is the battle you face if you are looking to quell the Pizzagate frenzy. It will not go away by name calling. It will not go away by being dismissive. It will not go away until the perceived threats are investigated. It is the only way. And if the officials tasked with the job will not do it, citizens are rising up to do the research themselves. The stakes are too high to look away this time. Every hour, every day, the momentum is growing. It is palpable.

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