Welcome to ‘You do What?’

You do What is a blog that tells the truth about the work graduates do on ‘graduate schemes’ in management consulting. There is a wealth of information out there but I’m still of the opinion that it can be very hard to find, and not all of it is relevant. Friends and family are often the only sources, but they can’t answer everything. Some of my favourite resources are ‘day-in-the-life’ articles, but they are still only snapshots.

When searching for a graduate job, I got very frustrated that I couldn’t find the information I was really after. I had set my sights on management consulting but didn’t yet know what it was all about. I did some googling, I asked some friends, but ultimately, I went in blind. The sorts of questions I could never find satisfactory answers to were:

  • What exactly does a graduate management consultant do all day?
  • What exactly does a ‘proper’ management consultant do all day?
  • Okay, you’ve told me what you do, but what does that actually mean? (No jargon please!)
  • Okay, I finally understand what you do, but why do you do it? (Not you personally, but the company.)
  • I don’t know anything about business / I am not interested in business / I am not an expert / I am still a child — can I really be a consultant?

My goals for this blog are to tell real, but anonymised, stories — explaining what goes on in a graduate job in management consulting; to share my experiences and explain how I feel about the role; and to learn from everything I write, storing these lessons along the way.

These goals will help me answer some of the questions above and also allow me to reflect on my time so far in a graduate management consulting.

Tell real stories
Share my experiences
Learn lessons

I have never written a blog before, I do not religiously follow other blogs and am not aware of blogging etiquette (sorry!). I will be keeping the content of this blog completely anonymous, such is the nature of my work.

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