musings on craigslist being eh

I saw this ad on craigslist for pharmaceutical content writing; $20 per article and got so so excited. Started imagining my new life where I wrote like 10 articles a day and made like a million more dollars than I do now. Was drinking fancy cocktails, leaving fat tips, dancing on bars-all in very professional movie quality lighting.

I am not a complete dumb idiot so I did a little investigating. Their website looked like fairly legit, and other people on the internet said they had applied to this so I was like.. ok it’s CERTAINLY real back to rejoicing.

Started on their dumb sample which was on dental implants, did some research.. aka googled a bunch of stuff. Sent it in with my name and email lala ‘this is your online account and password you can check the progress of your application.’

Two weeks later and now my email address is SO spammed up it’s incredible. like 30 emails a day from Taylor Triplett, PurpleRhino, Dental Implants-ugh, Thank you, Home Solar Installation, Tara, Sexual Predator Protection, Credit Card, Bryant & Stratton College, Rich Casino, European River Cruises, Local Foreclosures, Mini Cameras, Sandra Miller, Online Installment Loans, Migraine Headache Studies, *Match, -Oil Change Special-, Attorneys, CREDIT CARD, Costco,, Burger King Survey, Cremation Plans, Online Installment Loans, Ford-imotors, Psychology Degree, the LASIK vision institute, Dr. Oz New Fat Burner, Eliminate fat Fast, Gillete Samples at Getitfree, ProbioSlim, Eco-Windows….


What I learned: Make a new email address for slimy craigslist something like MixedArugula42 or LongSleeves18 or Caterpillarsonmyface99 — feel free to use these

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