Our New Mobile Design

Our diverse, growing community is at the heart of everything we do,

so when it came time to redesign our app, it seemed like a no-brainer to put the community’s content first. The result is a faster, cleaner, more personalized experience for broadcasters and viewers alike. Our “Explore” tab, Featured Topics and Editor’s Choice features make it easy to discover amazing broadcasts, and our improved navigation makes the whole experience seamless.

Content Personalized for You

In the past, YouNow broadcasts were organized only by what was trending. We’ve now introduced a more personalized system that also highlights great content and tailors it to your tastes.

When you enter the YouNow app for the first time, you’ll be prompted to select from 12 interest-based topics. Your interests will influence which broadcasts are recommended for you on the dashboard. You can change your interests at any time by clicking “personalize.”

Improved content discovery

There are hundreds of thousands of broadcasts on YouNow each day, and we wanted to make it easier to find content relevant to your specific interests. For this update, we created the “Explore” tab, which organizes the vast array of content on YouNow into accessible categories. On “Explore,” we’ve highlighted 12 topics: art, humor, style, dance, musicians, gaming, parents, DJs, LGBT, singers, alternative, and hip-hop. When you tap a topic, you’ll see specially chosen Editor’s Choice broadcasters, recommended users, and other broadcasts in that tag. Keep a close watch on “Explore,” as we’ll continually add more topics based on demand.

Editor’s Choice

There’s an enormous amount of talented broadcasters on YouNow, and we created the Editor’s Choice feature to help them get discovered. Broadcasts tagged with “Editor’s Choice” were handpicked by YouNow editors for each of the 12 topics in the “Explore” page. These broadcasters have gotten our attention, and we think you’ll enjoy them, too. If you know of someone who should be featured within a category, let us know on Twitter or Instagram with #YouNowEditorsChoice.

Intuitive Navigation

We’re excited to introduce swipe navigation in this update! If you’re watching a broadcast and feel like browsing, swipe to the right to see the broadcaster who’s next on that tag. If you’d like a broader overview of who’s live, pull the broadcast down (vertically) to reveal more broadcasters.

Swiping was designed to make content discovery easier and more intuitive. If you’re in #musicians, for example, swiping allows you to easily stumble upon talented artists whom you’d otherwise not find.

A New Look

We’ve been made over! Our app is now sleeker, lighter, and flatter, bringing more attention to the great content created by our community. Welcome to the new YouNow.

Available in the app store for iOS and Android.

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