Samer Abdelkader is a member of the YouPic community living in Idlib Darkush in Syria, a small town on the banks of the river Nahr — al Asi. A place that this time of the year, with the arrival of spring, he describes to be a place of love and beauty. Surely far away from the description that we are used to hear regarding Syria.

Samer photos grabbed our attention, most of them gorgeous images of flowers, some kittens and landscapes while others are disturbing shots of children living through war. We wanted to ask him more about his work, how he uses his camera to tell about the world surrounding him and how the war has affected his photography.

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“I have loved photography since my childhood. I am born here, in Idlib, which is a beautiful place surrounded by trees and rivers. …

“Life as it unfolds in front of the camera is full of so much complexity, wonder and surprise that I find it unnecessary to create new realities. There is more pleasure, for me, in things as-they-are.”

Magnum photos member David Hurn is a self-taught photographer who began his career in 1955 as an assistant at the Reflex Agency. Whilst a freelance photographer he gained his early reputation with his reportage of the 1956 Hungarian revolution. David eventually turned away from coverage of current affairs preferring to take a more personal approach to photography.

In 1973 he set up the famous School of Documentary Photography in Newport, Wales. He resigned in 1989. He has since been in constant demand to lecture and do workshops around the world. …

Each day, people over the world send five billion photos to each other in an attempt to express themselves. This has created an entirely new demand for impressive and interesting photos and other media. Many social accounts have been built and loved by others based on “borrowed” or stolen content. Photographers seem to have a hard time monetizing this increased content consumption. Why is that?

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As content becomes more readily available, searchable and licensable it naturally becomes cheaper. Many media houses have fired parts of their photography staff, forcing many to go freelance. Photo licensers’ cut rates are still unbelievably high, which contributes to photography being one of the most difficult full time occupations when it comes to providing a sustainable income. …



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