What’s next for YouPic Blockchain?

Aug 20, 2018 · 3 min read
Photo: Wesley Overklift (www.wesleyoverklift.com)

What started out as a blogpost on the YouPic-blog a few months ago has now materialized into a fully focused blockchain team committed to change the photography industry for the better. Through the use of blockchain technology, we will solve common pain points endured by photographers, content suppliers as well as their consumers.

Why the photo content industry needs a change

For nearly a decade stock photo companies have missed out on crediting photographers and content creators for their work properly. At the same time large media corporations have been hard pressed and pushed the photographers, artists and independent content creators to the lowest possible compensation. The global photo industry is worth approximately $100 billion annually, and with such a high market capitalization, it’s tragic to see that just a fraction of it ends up in the hands of the talented photographers.

This state of the market needs to change and YouPic’s blockchain solution is a solid step in that direction. This blockchain will empower the photographers with the necessary tools to track, distribute and sell their content securely.

What’s the purpose of launching YouPic blockchain?

YouPic’s technology makes it possible to eliminate third party intermediaries, middlemen, and unfair payment practices with the use of smart contracts and advanced payment processing hubs. In turn, this gives photographers and content creators more control over their respective revenues and licenses. As these processes will be fully automated and digitalized on the blockchain, the human error margin can be eliminated and photographers and content creators can fully rely on the technology itself.

What are the new features that come with YouPic’s blockchain?

Copyright Tools

Make your photos forever yours, by attributing your rights on the blockchain. Attach a digital usage license and allow others to buy them, or make your content completely private.

Licensing with Smart Contracts

Define your own licensing terms by creating smart contracts attached to each photo. Get paid for your work directly from consumers; No middle men, no cuts, simply enjoy all the proceeds for yourself.

Track your work

Use YouPic’s image crawler, powered by the decentralized copyright ledger to find out how your images are used on the web. Detect unauthorized usage, including usage not covered by an existing license. From here, we help you take actions against copyright claims.

What’s the benefit of building a custom blockchain?

Building a distributed network for securing copyrights has a number of specific requirements on performance and scalability. As it turns out, most existing blockchains have been designed with different goals in mind. For example, Ethereum’s blockchain is not intended for storing large amounts of data, which would be a requirement for storing image fingerprints. When a blockchain system is built a lot of design choices are made; what will the blockchain be used for? which are the key features? and so forth. So for our specific use case, using an existing system would both make the platform prohibitively expensive to use, and introduce severe limitations on what it can be used for.

With this assessment as a background, we decided to build our own blockchain implementation. It will give us full control over the design and performance characteristics and create a platform that is both scalable and easy to use. To conclude, we are creating a custom blockchain because it is essential for the platform to be viable, and additionally to keep the platform flexible and focused on our specific purpose.

Why should photographers use YouPic?

We strongly believe that our blockchain is the key to a sustainable and manageable copyright solution for the content sharing industry that is possible to implement in the near future.

In line with our immediate mission to provide photographers with the tools they need to monetize their content, we also want to bring about a change to the industry as it looks today. We want to take an active part in developing the future of photography and content distribution where maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security between photographers and their clients is the standard procedure.

We’re building the right technology, for the right reasons, and we’re in this for the long run.

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