10 UK Fitness Meal Prep Companies — Part I

Here are a selection of fitness meal prep delivery services in the UK. To find even more healthy meal delivery companies that provide fitness meal plans and packages, please visit our homepage and type in a fitness related keyword in the search box.

1. FitPrep — AylesburyFitPrep is a lifestyle nutrition delivery service serving the postcode areas of HP, MK, LU, NN, WD and OX. Managing Director Ashley Burton along with his team Craig Reagan (Sales and Operations Director) and Chris Hall (Catering Director) all aim to provide customers with a bespoke meal preparation and delivery service. You have the option to select the following Fitprep meal plans — muscle gain, low carb, paleo style, bespoke and lifestyle or instead you can upload your own personal nutrition schedule.

There are currently two meal payment options available which are a convenient direct debit option where you do not have to be concerned about re-ordering or alternatively a pay weekly option. Also all of FitPrep meals are delivered on a Sunday.

2. Fit Fuel

- London

Fit Fuel are a meal prep company dedicated to helping you with your body transformation goals. More specifically they provide meal packages that; aid with fat loss, lean muscle gain and help you consume a balanced diet. You also have the option to order a full range of meals — breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and organic juices.

All nutrition information for the meals are provided on their website and gluten-free, lactose-free and halal requirements are catered for. However, delivery information and whether vegan and vegetarian options are available are not currently listed on the website.

3. Fresh Fitness Food — London

Fresh Fitness Food founded by Jared Williams and managed by CEO, Casper Rose provide tailored

meal packages which include Lean Gains, Sculpt and Tone, Lifestyle, Office, Fat loss, Competition Preparation, and Muscle Gain and Performance.

Their meals are prepared by a team of expert chefs and nutritionists and can be delivered to a location that suits you.

Meals start from approximately £6.50 each ad meal packages from around £20/day. Every meals is packaged separately. If the meal needs reheating, a microwaveable container will be provided.

Daily delivery is carried out by Husky Delivery (between 00:00–06:00am) who ensure your food is stored in the appropriate temperatures and conditions during the transportation process.

4. Health & Fitness Kitchen — Manchester

Health & Fitness Kitchen is a restaurant and meal prep service.

5. Munch Fit — London

Munch Fit provide gluten free meal prep.

6. Prep Fitness Kitchen — Glasgow

Prep Fitness Kitchen is a health and fitness restaurant takeaway which provides meal prep solutions which are fast, delicious and nutritious.

7. Project Fitness Food — Tenby

Project Fitness Food is a South Pembrokeshire located Healthy Food takeaway. They provide the people of Pembrokeshire with healthy, nutritious lunches and an evening meal prep services.

8. RG Fitness Food — London

RG Fitness Food — Eat Clean, Train Mean, Live Lean. Vegetarian and vegan meals are also supplied.

9. The Fitness Kitchen Leeds — London

The Fitness Kitchen Leeds — Making clean eating acheivable and affordable.

10. UK Fitness Food — Aberdeen

UK Fitness Food — Professional Fitness To Your Door. Individual meals and meal prep packages are available.

Originally published at your-cook.com.