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Prepp’d Director — Karl Greenshields

I sent Karl Greenshields the Director of Prepp’d, (a fitness meal prep company based down in Dorset) a few questions to answer. Take a look at how the question and answer session panned out below.

Rachel Garwood: What has been one of your biggest challenges so far with running food prep companies and how have you overcome this?

Karl Greenshields: I think starting any business is hard, then starting a business with perishable goods is even harder, then starting a business with perishable goods that people are going to eat adds another layer of complexity and then finally this can’t be any food, it has to be nutritionally spot on while still tasting great, this makes it REALLY HARD. We’ve tried 1000’s of recipes, got through 4 chefs and tested 100’s of different packaging solutions all to make sure that the food is spot on when it arrives with the customer.

Rachel Garwood: What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

Karl Greenshields: I am so excited about the idea. Our goal is to live in a country where fitness food is as readily available and tastes just as good as unhealthy food. There’s no reason why fitness food that makes you feel great, look great and helps you perform at your peak can’t be as enjoyable as any other food, it just takes a little more thought. So planning how we are going to facilitate this change and the effect it will have on people’s lives is what I enjoy most.

Rachel Garwood:What has surprised you most about the industry that you’re in?

Karl Greenshields: What companies could get away with selling as ‘healthy’. Protein bars packed full of sugar, no thought going into the macros and the amount of artificial ingredients that go into so many products.

Rachel Garwood:Why should people buy Prepp’d products?

Karl Greenshields: Who wouldn’t want a bundle of amazing tasting gourmet meals and desserts waiting for them in their fridge. We add great variety to people’s diet, we provide them with the clean, macro-focused foods they need to achieve their fitness goals, we save them an average of 234 hours per year prepping, we will show them just how good clean eating can taste and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if there is anything at all they are unhappy with we will replace it free of charge.

Rachel Garwood: What are one of your achievements that you’re most proud of and why?

Karl Greenshields: We Launched about 3 weeks ago and we are receiving some amazing feedback. We are already starting to make a positive change to people’s lives. To be able to help someone enjoy something as fundamental as eating and to play a major role in them living a healthier, fitter and happier life is incredible.

Rachel Garwood: Who inspires you?

Karl Greenshields: Anyone who has a passion and is really pushing to become a better version of themselves or achieve something great. The mental ‘grit’ that this takes is really motivating and inspiring, whatever field it’s in.

Rachel Garwood: Which companies impress you?

Karl Greenshields: Wheyhey have done an amazing job to bring out a completely new and logistically difficult product to market. They’ve faced their own issues but have come out with an incredible business.

Quest Nutrition have a really admirable mission and are probably the greatest success story in the fitness industry at the moment. I’d love to see Prepp’d grow at a similar rate!

Rachel Garwood: Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of the London lifestyle or the more tranquil, laid back pace of Dorset?

Karl Greenshields: Definitely Dorset. I am happy to be within 2.5 hrs of London and am often there but I love Dorset. Starting the business has been the most difficult, stressful experience of my life. When you have a particularly difficult day being able to step out of your door into some of the most beautiful, tranquil countryside is amazing. I grew up on a farm here and love wildlife and nature. Cardio is always done outside, on the cliffs, on the beach, in woodland and I almost always bump into wild deer, badgers or birds of prey. It keeps it interesting and is incredibly grounding, it puts everything into perspective.

Rachel Garwood: Are you still an avid fitness enthusiast and if so what is your fitness regime like and how do you fit it into your busy life as a business owner?

Karl Greenshields: Yeah massively. I have actually just started training with former Mr Great Britain Sean Ferguson who has told me that I am ready to start prepping for my first bodybuilding show! I follow a pretty standard bodybuilding split. Usually start with some cardio first thing in the morning at about 7am firstly for fitness but also to clear my head ready for work. I then work from 8am-7pm before going to the gym for a couple of hours, then come back and do a little more work until about 11:30pm. I am lucky that I absolutely love training so it gives me a lot of energy and a mental boost.

Rachel Garwood: What has been the greatest invention during the past 50 years?

Karl Greenshields: The internet — It has never been so easy to find any information you want in seconds or start a business. For example you can set up an e-commerce site in 2 hours and have access to about 40% of the population of the entire world. You can answer almost any question in about 10 seconds and connect with an incredible number of people.

To order Prepp’d meals visit their website here.

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