Jared Williams — Founder of Fresh Fitness Food

Jared Williams the Founder of Fresh Fitness Foods, a London based personalised meal delivery service kindly took the time to answer a few of my questions. Take a look below at what I asked and what Jared’s responses. Rachel Garwood: You initially trained as a lawyer and then decided to launch Fresh Fitness Food. How has your legal background helped you with operating a successful business?

Jared Williams: It has helped me identify risks and differentiate between acceptable risk and risk that needs to be avoided or addressed contractually. It has helped me review everything from employment contracts to leases and from insurance policies to supplier agreements — but more than reviewing these documents, it has given me the confifence to know when something is worth pushing back on or whether it is just standard.

Rachel Garwood: What has been one of your biggest challenges so far with Fresh Fitness Food and how have you overcome this?

Jared Williams: There have been a lot. Possibly the biggest challenge is recognising the importance of failure. Sounds so cliched but it really is true. I am not talking about failure in the sense of going under (I am fortunate in that my first venture is now 4 years old and going from strength to strength) but day-to-day failure. I set the bar, personally and on a company wide basis, very high and so failure is in some ways inevitable. We want to grow at X %, we want Y new clients a week, we want gross profit to be at Z % etc etc. Anything less is, by definition, a failure. We could also try a new approach to production, introduce a new recipe, make a new hire or adopt a new marketing strategy. As we do, we set targets and, again, they are ambitious. And they are often not achieved. Again, by definition, we have failed. But these failures are gold dust. We learn. We adapt. We improve. I work hard to think, when we do fail, “what can we learn?”. What can we do differently to ensure this does not happen again. I guess there are a few challenges here — having the confidence to try something knowing you may fail, being honest/modest enough to accept you have failed, staying motivated to extract something positive and then remaining determined to implement a new approach.Rachel Garwood: What aspect of your role do enjoy the most?

Jared Williams:(i) Hearing that Fresh Fitness Food is positively impacting the health and happiness of our clients, (ii) sensing that the FFF brand is gaining traction and respect and (iii) seeing my staff achieve things I never could.

Rachel Garwood: What has surprised you most about the industry that you’re in?

Jared Williams: We sit in a number of industries — logistics, food production, nutritional advice, health and fitness to name a few. They all bring very different surprises. The most common theme is just how many opportunities there are, each and every day, to mess everything up.

Rachel Garwood: Do you eat Fresh Fitness Foods at home or prefer to cook/eat fresh meals?

Jared Williams: Fresh Fitness Foods. All the time. I am totally and utterly addicted to the convenience. I save myself roughly 10–12 hours a week by not having to plan, shop, cook or clean.

Rachel Garwood: Who inspires you?

Jared Williams: My parents. After they met and married, they jumped into the pub business without any experience. Hearing about how they built a respected, thriving business having never pulled a pint or cooked a quiche is totally inspiring.

Rachel Garwood: Which companies impress you?

Jared Williams: How much time have you got? I love brands such as Virgin, who have fought incredibly hard to enter fiercely competitive (or borderline monopolistic) markets — I also love how Richard Branson has positioned himself as the embodiment of the brand. Great, great company that appears to look after its staff and its clients very well. I am in awe of Elon Musk and what his companies are trying to achieve — his efforts could end up being species (let alone generation) defining. There really are so many companies that I respect hugely. The defining feature seems to be a willingness to aim for something more than profit — to improve, advance and inspire the world somehow.

Rachel Garwood: Do you have a favourite sport or team that you support?

Jared Williams: I am a big rugby fan and have some my highest highs and lowest lows have been aligned to how England fair. Fortunately, we seem to be in a good place at the moment — hopefully building for a second world cup in Japan in a few years.

Rachel Garwood: What has been one of the best holiday destinations that you have been to and why?

Jared Williams: Miami. Superb weather, sexy people, great food and killer parties.

Rachel Garwood: Which 5 people dead or alive would you invite to a dinner party and why?

Jared Williams: My 4 grandparents and my brother-in-law who was taken far too early by cancer.Rachel Garwood: Which 3 items would you take with you to a desert island and why?

Jared Williams: Assuming I cannot say a plane, boat or phone, (i) My favourite pillow, because nothing comes close (it already holidays with me); (ii) a lighter, because Cub Scouts feels like a long time ago and getting things going seemed like a real pain in Castaway; and (iii) a massive knife, because Crocodile Dundee.

Rachel Garwood: What has been the greatest invention during the past 50 years?

Jared Williams: I imagine that there will be a time when my answer is Viagra, but for the time being let’s go with the Internet.

Thank you Jared for sharing your responses with us. If you would like to try some meals from Fresh Fitness Food go ahead and order.

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