Nutrition Habits of Howard Stern — 7th Highest Paid Celebrity of 2016

Howard Stern is an American radio and television personality, producer, author, actor, and photographer. The Forbes list has ranked Stern as the 7th highest paid celebrity after musician Taylor Swift who topped the list, the band One direction who came second and the best selling author James Patterson who charted third. Joint fourth on the list were Psychologist Dr Phil and Portuguese Footballer Ronaldo. In sixth place was comedian Kevin Hart who received the 5th highest amount of income before tax for 2012.

New York born, shock jock DJ Stern aged 62 has earned approximately $85 million during the last 12 months between 2015 and 2016. Stern is best known as the host of The Howard Stern show, his long-running radio show which is known for controversial content. Reportedly in December 2015, Stern signed a new 8 figure contract with Sirius XM Radio which includes an app and video streaming of the show. He works relentlessly to create the best possible radio content for his listeners.

This article on Stern is the 7th article in the YouRCooK Series on the Nutrition Habits of the 100 Wealthiest Celebrities of 2016. Can I boldly assert that every word written about each celebrity’s nutrition habit is 100 percent accurate, unfortunately I can’t do that. Please be aware that the information I find online about a celeb’s eating and drinking habits is only as accurate as the original data source. I will make every effort to contact each celebrity on the list or their representative to ask them about the general nutrition habits but they are unlikely to respond to such a request. So until they do, you will have to make do with my less than perfect sleuthing skills to ascertain this information.

Over the remaining 93 days, I will press on with writing about celebrities’ nutrition habits in order to establish whether there is a link between earning a shed load of money and following a particular eating plan. So far, I have not uncovered a convincing link but such a theory has yet to be disproved but as the study continues and the more celebrity diets I dissect, I presume the easier it will be for me to evaluate this more effectively.

So what does Howard Stern eat?

Well I came across this article which discussed Howard Stern advising a member of his staff on what they should do to lose excess weight. Stern believes in the importance of finding people who have been through what you have gone through and managed to achieve what you desire. Learn from them and study their journey and strategies. Follow their healthy journeys. You are either mindful of what you eat and how much you move or you aren’t.

Stern acknowledges that it is challenging to break habits that don’t benefit us and it can be mentally draining trying to get healthy. It is a process which takes patience but the beauty is that you can restart again and again until you get better at it. There are no overnight successes and a shortsighted approach to body transformation helps no one.

Howard also thinks enjoyment should be apart of a healthy lifestyle. If you do not enjoy the nutritional strategies and workouts, sustaining them will be a struggle. Stern also provides examples of some of the meals he eats which are:

Breakfast — Egg Whites, half piece of toast and fruit.

Lunch — Salmon with 1/4 baked potato and veggies.

Mid-afternoon snack — Apple

Dinner — Eat out or at home (protein with veggies/fruit)

Howard takes his nutrition and fitness seriously. In 2012 he announced that he would become a pescetarian and only eat fish and not eat meat anymore due to his concerns about animal welfare. Stern is also a keen runner and when his wife Beth Ostrosky was training for the New York City Marathon he would train with her.

I have briefly looked at Howard Stern’s nutrition habits and it is clearly apparent that eating healthily is very important him. He encourages others to eat healthily and he follows this path himself.

So in this instance, a link between ‘healthy nutrition’ and a healthy bank balance exists for this wealthy celebrity.

Next in the YouRCooK series on the nutrition habits of the top 100 wealthiest celebrities of 2016, is Lionel Messi. So take a look at to find out about the nutrition habits of this world renowned Argentinian footballer.

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