14 Leadership Skills Needed to Compete in Today’s Job Market [Inforgraphic]

Jun 9, 2017 · 2 min read

In almost every job description, even at the entry level, companies talk about the need for leadership skills. But in today’s ever-changing job market and business environment, what does that mean? What leadership skills are in high demand?

In the business world, companies are discarding old, ineffective leadership paradigms in favor of more human-centered practices. This means the skills you learned yesterday may not be what companies are looking for tomorrow.

But don’t panic; it’s never to early to develop the leadership skills necessary to compete in today’s job market.

What Do Future Leadership Skills Look Like

The future of leadership is upon us. A recent study conducted by IC4P (Institute for Corporate Productivity) discovered the skills most important to business going forward. So you can zero in on developing these skills, they break down those skills into three categories including the more traditional “organizational” skills. But it also includes the “social” and “personal” skills most effective in the new leadership paradigm.

Take a look. Then begin developing the skills required of today’s leaders as business moves forward. After all, when it comes to planning for the future, there’s no time like the present.

future leadership skills
future leadership skills

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