25 Simple Steps: Go from Night Owl to Early Riser [Infographic]

Jan 17, 2019 · 2 min read

The early bird catches the worm… or so the saying goes. But for people who don’t consider themselves and early riser, getting up in the morning can really suck. In fact, those of us who are not the proverbial “morning person,” would rather just pull up the covers and go back to sleep. Besides, worms don’t taste that good anyway.

But what if your career depended on it? What if your chosen lifestyle would benefit from learning to become an early riser?

25 Steps to Becoming an Early Riser

Although waking up early is challenging, there are many benefits to being a morning person, including more productivity, improved moods, and overall better health. Luckily, there is hope — research has provided several ways to “hack” your chronotype (sleep cycle). And this infographic from Big Rentz outlines 25 science-backed tips for how to make the transition from night owl to morning lark!

As you’ll see, you need to invest in better sleep and develop a consistent routine. The creation of clear goals helps. So does an effort to replenish yourself throughout the day. Just as important: Eliminating stress and creating a suitable environment for your body to fall asleep. Sure, it’s inevitable to wake up with grogginess. But a well-defined morning plan and simple actions can help you become more alert.

Once you have your body on a steady routine, you’ll reap the benefits of being an early riser. Who knows… you may even start to get excited about what those early mornings can do for you!

early riser
early riser

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