Get Organized! How to Streamline Your Life and Work [Infographic]

Wouldn’t life be better if you could just get organized?

The alarm clock sounds. You stumble out of bed. Time to get ready for another busy day.

You have a big presentation today. Trouble is, you didn’t email the presentation notes to your team members. So you jump on your computer, but it takes forever to find the file. Where did you put that?

The email sends. You grab a shower. You’re late. You start to panic. Things get worse when it takes you ten minutes to find a matching pair of socks. The commute is terrible. Yes, you should have used Waze to beat the traffic. Why didn’t you think of that before?

And so it goes, until you scream: “I so need to get organized!”

So Get Organized…

Have no fear. You’ll soon see that there is hope for even the most disorganized among us. Which is why we’re happy to present this infographic from Greatist Here, you’ll find tips to help streamline your life. After a quick read, you’ll conquer the chaos!

  • Need to organize your digital life? Below, you’ll find tricks and apps that will help you organize files, folders, and emails. You’ll also find suggestions to help keep track of your files and access them across multiple devices.
  • Need to organize your home? You’ll find advice on how to tidy up your bedroom, kitchen, and also your bathroom.
  • How about your workplace? There are strategies to keep your desk and briefcase neat and clutter free. In addition, there are suggestions to organize your time, your finances… and even your fallible human memory.

Peruse this information, compiled from over 30 of the most trusted sources, at your leisure. You’ll quickly find loads of helpful advice. We know we did!

As a result, you’ll find that disorganization no longer rules your life. Bonus: you’ll also know where to find those matching socks.

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Originally published at The Savvy Intern by YouTern.