Informational Interview Strategies to Benefit Your Job Search [Infographic]

When you want to discover the lay of the land, nothing beats an informational interview.

You know: interviews with experienced professionals that that don’t result in a job, but knowledge. A chance to have an insightful conversation with someone in the industry, company or position or a company that interests you.

Of course, to make the most of these meetings, you need to develop some strong informational interview strategies.

Informational Interview Strategies

Like anything else in life, it helps to have a strategy in place before you start scheduling sit-down time. Which is where this infographic from About Talent comes in. Here, you’ll learn to informational interview strategies that will help you get the most from your one-on-one meeting. Step-by-step, it takes you through the preparation necessary to conduct a successful interview.

Informational interviews are a key to career success. But successful interviews depend on you. Be prepared!

informational interview strategies

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