Timely Resume Tips for Your 2017 Job Search [Infographic]

2017 looks like a banner year for hiring. Economic growth and a changing job market present unique opportunities for job seekers. Recruiters predict a talent shortage and expect to have to compete for top talent. That doesn’t mean, however, that you wont be competing as well. A recent survey reported as many as 74% of workers are open to new opportunities should they arise this year. So if you want to get noticed, it’s time to upgrade your resume with these timely resume tips.

Timely Resume Tips

The job market has become more employee-centered than ever before. To take advantage of the opportunity, update your resume to reflect the times. The timely resume tips presented in this infographic from GreatResumesFast make for a good start. Be sure to remember to address what businesses are looking for today, things like cultural fit and relevant experience. Also, make sure your resume syncs with your social media profiles, especially LinkedIn.

Times change and the job market changes with them. Updating your resume should be a regular activity whether you currently seeking or not. You never know when a dream opportunity will present itself. This is especially true in 2017.

With a new resume for the new year, 2017 looks like a banner year for you as well.

Originally published at The Savvy Intern by YouTern.

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