Did you include paperspace and floydhub in your review of commercial offerings?
Shreeyak Sajjan

Hi Shreeyak.

Floydhub are more oriented towards DL as a service, and don’t offer Desktops that you can use, so running Gazebo is not possible (and I am not sure they offer a way to customize the available environments).

As for Paperspace, they offer a limited range of templates that you can use to customize your workspace. While I could theoretically use their Linux 16.04 for my use case, it’d create an extra layer of dependency and rigidity that I’d rather not have. Also, AWS spot instances are cheaper.

So to me, AWS offers the best in term of customization and price. That means more setup and management, but once automated, I think it’s worth it.

There is also The Construct, which offers ROS development as a service, but for the reasons similar to those above, the AWS solution works for me best.

Hope that helps.