Steal Like an Artist

Because we are all thieves


A good book that I randomly found this week is Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon, a mix of inspirational illustrations and striking statements about life and work. Its purpose is more to help you find your own creativity, than giving you hard coded advices.

The point 5) is mine:

Side projects and hobbies are important

Because, thanks to great networks (e.g. LinkedIn) and great friends, I went through personal and professional side projects, that are changing me, what I do, and where I will be.

So I’m now modestly spreading this state of mind all around me, because I see everywhere underestimated people and undervalued talents.

I’m not saying that your daily job isn’t good, I’m saying that you can do more, and by doing so you’re giving yourself more paths, opportunities, and connections.

The next one is also nice:

Do Good Work and Share it.

Find more information about the book: