God Of The Valley — Message from Resonate Church

This past weekend, I had one of the highest honors and heaviest burdens I’ve ever had as a pastor. I had the priviledge of preaching for my friend and pastor Davey Blackburn at his church, Resonate Church in Indianapolis. Davey is taking some time to grieve and heal after coming home from the gym a couple of weeks ago to find that his pregnant wife had been shot and killed. Nothing in life can prepare you for something like that to happen. There’s no words I, or anyone else can say to take the pain away, no amount of praying and wishing and hoping will change the circumstance that Davey is, and will be in for the rest of his life. It is the definition of a valley in life.

But the good news about valleys, is that the God I believe in didn’t just create the mountaintops. He also used that same perfect wisdom and skill to create the valleys in life. Psalm 23 says this:

“The Lord is my shepherd, I have all that I need. He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside still waters…..”

When I read that as I was thinking about the situation in Indianapolis, and how I could encourage those incredible people, I realized something about green pastures and still waters: they’re always found in the valleys.

Jesus promises us peace, not a life without chaos. He promises us hope, not a life without hardship.

In the mountain-top moments with God we learn that He is real and powerful, but in the valleys we learn that He is close, and personal.

There is something that we can’t learn about the Prince of Peace without a little chaos. Something that just doesn’t make sense to us about our God who calls Himself our Comforter until we need some comfort. I would encourage you if you’re in a valley moment, or even a valley season, to lean into Jesus. He is close, and compassionate. He wanted to be known as the God who is near to the broken-hearted and the crushed in spirit.

Often times we want to get out of the valley, when God wants us to get something out of the valley. If you find yourself down there, look for the green pastures and still waters. After all, He is the God of the Valley.

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