Why You Need To Do Yardwork — Part 2

When you plant a church or even in my case a church campus, out of your house, you have to get really creative when it comes to space and how you’re going to use it. Especially when your house is really small and not that nice. So for kids’ space, we got a huge circus tent, put it outside in the back yard, and gave the kids unlimited popsicles every week! Aside from the mosquitos being terrible, the neighbors having a huge pit bull, and the weather being insanely hot, it worked….kinda. However, the tent killed all the grass that was underneath it, so I had to replant the grass.

It took me a couple of months to get successful growth, but now it’s starting to really come in nicely. Through the process of getting it to grow, I learned 3 really important things about getting something to grow, and as I thought about them more and more, I realized these d0n’t just apply to growing grass. If you want ANYTHING to grow in your life, it will take time, and the right process to get the results you want. Here are the 3 important steps to getting healthy growth in your life.

  1. Prepare the ground.

When you want something new to grow, you have to get the old stuff out. New grass seed gets choked out by the old grass and weeds that are already in the ground, and it’s hard to get water to the new seed because what’s already in the ground takes it from the new seed. That’s exactly the case in our spiritual walks as well. When you start planting some new growth in your life, whether it’s a new relationship that you really want to succeed, or a new job that you really hope works out, or even if you decide to start walking with Jesus, there is old, unhealthy growth in your heart that will choke out the new seed that’s been planted, unless you prepare the ground. Dig up the old thoughts you have about how dating is supposed to work. Forget the old mindset of going complaining about your job constantly. Don’t let the weeds of impurity and lust choke out the growth you want to see in your marriage, or future marriage. Prepare the ground.

2. Plant the seed.

Galatians 6:7 “ Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

I wanted fescue to grow in my backyard, so I planted fescue seed. It’s really that simple. If you want something specific to grow in your life, you have to plant it. Period. You and I have no right to complain about the harvest we don’t reap from the seeds we never sow. According to a recent study I read, 50% of all marriages since the late 1980’s end in divorce. If that point is true, it’s honestly not that surprising to me, considering the porn industry in America is a $13 billion industry. Men and women are sowing lust and impurity into our marriages and expecting to reap a harvest of intimacy, fun, and health. But God won’t be mocked…

It’s like the guy who shows up late to work in clothes he hasn’t washed all week looking like he just rolled out of bed, who can’t figure out why he can’t keep a job… If you want something to grow in your life, you have to plant the seeds. If you do the right thing, you will get the right results. Period.

3. Protect the investment.

Whenever you plant new grass seed, you have to cover it up with straw, or something that will protect it from hungry birds and the hot sun, and will also keep the moisture locked in. Protection for us comes in the form of community. I’ve had the priviledge of doing life with a lot of awesome people over the past few years. New marriages succeed best when surrounded by older marriages that are working. New believers tend to grow best when they are surrounded by other believers who have successfully navigated a life with Jesus. It’s simple, but it’s not easy, and there is a big difference.

The older we get, the less we want to share our lives with people around us. We don’t want people knowing the kind of financial decisions we’re REALLY making, or the way our kids REALLY act, or how we REALLY treat our spouse. Let’s face it, everyone can fake a good life, at least for a little while. So we avoid community like the plague, and unfortunately it ends up costing us the growth that we wanted to see in the first place. Submit yourself to people around you that you can trust. Let them get up in your business. Let them get up in your marriage. Let them get up in your finances. It’s awkward, but it will work. Protect the investment God is making in you by surrounding yourself with people you have to fight through to make a bad decision.

You can grow. I promise. When God created this world, he set it in motion with certain principles that apply regardless of what you believe. Like gravity…if you stop believing in gravity you don’t get to float through the air like a balloon. That’s how it is with growth. Do the right things, and you will see the right results. Spend your time on things that are actually important. We will all be better for it!