Governor Pat McCrory Won The Second #NCGOV Debate

Governor Pat McCrory won tonight’s debate. It’s quite clear that he is the leader and best candidate. I was disappointed as Democrat Roy Cooper, only took about 15 seconds to recognize victims of Hurricane Matthew before attacking Governor McCrory with debunked claims on house bill 2. Cooper even said what happened in North Carolina was horrible and we need to help victims ‘but it’s time to talk about North Carolina’s future,’ then going into an attack on Pat McCrory.

Governor McCrory had a record of achievements to lean on tonight as Roy Cooper was unable to say why he should be governor without attacking someone else. McCrory has been in the trenches as a teacher, businessman and executive of the largest city in North Carolina. Cooper seems to be only running on empty campaign promises. Roy Cooper decided to come out tonight as Santa Claus offering gifts without tax increases.

Fact checks: Roy Cooper told these lies.