Goodbyes … sniff sniff

Hey y’all beautiful people! So we are here. We are down to my last week in Morocco. Unbelievable right? Well, I’d be lying if I say my four months are up too soon. Because the truth is, I didn’t think June could get here fast enough. I am just so looking forward to Madagascar so I kinda counted the days til I leave. I feel so bad but I am very close to going home, yet, so far.

Now this is my last post from Morocco and I will take you to beautiful Madagascar. But I haven’t been up to much these past few weeks. I went to Tangiers with some friends, where I met some cool people. Because they liked me so much, they convinced me to return to Tangiers.

Tangiers, you can see Spain in the distance.

Tangiers is a small city located in the North. It’s a 30min ferry to Spain from Tangiers. This town reminds me of New Mexico because many places are in Spanish and many Spaniards roam the street. They are number one tourists in Tangiers. I loved the weather in Tangier especially. It was windy but at least it was not excruciatingly hot like Marrakesh. So I went back. The Malagasy people there were the most welcoming people I know in Morocco. I attended the African cultural journey, where we watched dances and whatnot. The Malagasy students there are so numerous, they danced too. There are 50 of them in Tanger, the biggest in all the cities in Morocco. Also, I started seeing a guy who lives in Tanger so maybe that’s why I liked it too. It was stupid to date someone when I was close to leaving but I believe God put people in our lives for a reason. God put him in my life to remind me what I deserve in life because this guy treats me like a princess, which is nice because sometimes I forget what I deserve and I settle for less. He would make me breakfast while I was visiting in Tangiers. He stood out because he lives with 6 other Malagasy students. But he is not Malagasy. He is from Mauritania. He swept me off my feet with his gallantry. I do not suppose I will see him again but I learned my lesson. I learned that God will put the right guy in my life who will make me happy. I already said my farewell to my short-term boyfriend but I think he’s got the drive and I think he will make an effort to see me again one day. I gotta say that I enjoyed having someone look after me. Anyways, so that’s my three-week romance. I am crazy I know. Man, I just realize that I write like I am writing on a diary. Oh well, I am not that private of a person. I just like to share all my experiences with my loved ones nothing wrong with that right?

When I am in Rabat, I have been saying my goodbyes. Most of my friends have left already. Goodbyes are awful but they are part of life. I hope I see them again, but if not, I know the memories we had together will go with me wherever I go. Thank you my awesome friends for being parts of my life.

Exchange students : Julia, Khalid, Anne, Kim, Sumona, Kai, Pei, Sam, Marchje, Etienne, Carl, Sara, Dzafar, Saad, Marian, Hakim.

Kai and Sumona are Germans

My Moroccan friends: Youssef, Omar, Fadoua, Assia, Mohammed, Raznik

Fadoua is one of my closest friends here. I met her on the bus and ever since, she’s been my buddy.

International: Vally, Amnah, Regis, Melanie, Sandrine, Housnya, Rose,

Pei (Taiwan), Etienne, and Beatrice (Quebec, CA)

My Malagasy friends, too many of them. Thank you so much! A few that I need to give a special shout out: Bruno, Risite, Akram, Olivia, Marco, Nathalie, Narindra, Tolotra, Khadaffi, Yanyss, Maya, Mendrika, Rindra, Bebeto, Valerie, Yasmina, Herve, etc…

My Malagasy friends in Tanger.

Also, Thank you EGE and my church in Rabat. Thank you Erika and Gracia for visiting me. I love having some familiar faces in Morocco.

At the Pharrell Williams concert with some cool Malagasy peeps…

I almost forgot, I went to see Pharrell Williams on Saturday and JLo on Friday. There is this festival called Mawazin that happens once a year in Rabat. The king organizes it and many artists from all over the world come. Some Moroccan ones too. This year, there is a concert by Usher, Maroon V, Placebos, Sting, Sean Paul, Avicii, PSquare, and others… It’s free but as you might’ve guessed, lots of people come to it. I will attend Usher and Avicii and would have gone to Maroon V but I am already on my way to Madagascar then. It’s great but the crowd is too overwhelming, it is not always worth it. Pharrell Williams was so worth it though. He is the coolest dude ever! Definitely would love to see him again once I am in the U.S. Gotta add that on my to do list before I am 30.

Sara and Dzafar are respectively from Italy and Poland. They are my parents here. I love them so dearly!

Anyways, that is all for now since I have lots of packing, cleaning, and goodbying to do. Love you all and talk soon! ☺ Thank you for reading!

Anne and Julia are Germans as well
And lastly my best friend Khalid. I miss him terribly but luckily he lives in Canada, maybe we can see each other again.

Goodbye Morocco! It’s been an honor to be here!

The Moroccan flag. Just one star usually!

OH yah, I braided my hair. What do you guys think? Took 5 hours but I like change! The same thing is boring! Now, talk to you all later for real! xo

Do I look different? I hope so! I am going to be a spy so I gotta look different!
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