Young Americans are Ready

Dennis Cook, YRNF Chairman

As Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF), I was honored to have the opportunity to attend debates which bookended our robust GOP primary process this year. Here in Cleveland last August, we heard from 16 candidates who had just enough time to simply introduce themselves to Republican primary voters and the American people. Then, leading up to Super Tuesday in Houston, only five candidates remained to make their final pleas to voters before for casting their ballots on that most crucial day. 
After each debate, after each primary night, the question I heard time and time again from young voters across the country was: Where are the solutions to move us forward? The common denominator being that for the last seven and a half years President Obama’s failed agenda and feckless leadership as hurt young people the most. This November, we finally have the chance to take back control of our future. 
This week as hundreds of Young Republicans descend upon Cleveland, YRs will celebrate our 80th Birthday in Cleveland while hearing from leaders across the Republican Party about why Hillary Clinton is unfit to serve as the next President of the United States. Make no mistake; electing Hillary to Obama’s third term would be an unmitigated disaster for America, and young Americans in particular.
Quite simply, Young Americans are tired of political rhetoric and failed political experiments. We need bold solutions in the form of a conservative reform agenda. At the center of this new way forward must be simplifying our tax system, repealing and replacing ObamaCare, tackling the crippling national debt, and restoring American leadership at the forefront of the world order.
Speaker Paul Ryan has provided a clear vision for Americans in his outline of a Better Way for our country full of solutions, not just talking points, and many young Americans are eager to hear more solutions from our nominee. Young Americans yearn for this kind vision and leadership, and the Young Republican National Federation will be working tirelessly to elect Republicans around the nation to restore the ability for all of us to achieve our American Dream.
There are no better activist workers for the Republican Party than our Young Republicans. From the first RNC debate until now, YRs have been active in the primary process, siding with any of a number of the candidates who ran for the Republican nomination. This week we will come together as a Party to nominate the candidate who, with our help, will be the next President of the United States. We have an opportunity to Make America Great Again. Join us.

Dennis Cook of Chicago is the Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation, Inc. an official auxiliary group of the RNC with tens of thousands of members, aged 18–40, from state federations around America. You can find out more about the YRNF or support their efforts at

The above is an oped by YRNF Chairman Dennis Cook who will speak at the RNC on Monday, July 18th at 2:54pm. Please contact our Communications Director for media inquiries at